Frame Quilting Foot Set, aka Ruler Foot

Something came across my desk at work this week from Janome that made my day. So many of my Janome (or Janome foot) using friends have still been running into Janome dealers who tell them the Ruler Foot in the Frame Quilting Foot Set is only for the 1600P. Not so! I did get official word of approval from Janome on the use of the ruler foot about 18 months ago with all the Janome Convertible Free Motion Foot Sets, but there were still dealers that didn't know.

This week, Janome released a new document to showcase all the Janome accessories and this picture above was part of it! Yay! We're legit! This should make getting a foot from a dealer unfamiliar with the ruler work technique a bit easier. Or you could order from my shop....

frame quilting foot set- aka ruler foot for free motion quilting with rulers

In case you are wondering, that second foot is fabulous if you put your machine into a frame system, or get creative and decide to do your free motion quilting from the end of your machine. Otherwise, it's not much use.

I'm getting some quilting done today, so that's all I've got for now. Stitch on!


  1. I love using that foot set on my 6600. Works like a dream!! Can you order the ruler foot for the Artistic Sit down quilter through your store? I'm trying to get one through my local dealer, and it has been 8 weeks of hassle trying to explain to them what I'm looking for.It also seems pretty elusive online. If it wasn't for a blogging friend commenting on how much she used hers, I wouldn't have known it existed. Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. I can explain the confusion for you. There isn’t an official ruler foot for the Artistic Sitdown Quilter. But you can use the ruler foot made for the regular frame Artistic machines. The visibility isn’t as good and there’s a spot that has a tight clearance between foot and needle bar, but I’m not sure that isn’t the same as it is for the regular Artistic machines. But it’s perfectly useable!

      Hmmm….sounds familiar doesn’t it? ;-)

  2. Good woman! I have 1600p but sure this info helps more people to start new adventure.

  3. Good morning (well it is here - you'll still be asleep across the pond)! I have only recently been catching up with your blog - found you via Leah Day. I'm finding your pages so helpful and with regard to the Janome, I have an older MC6500p with the low shank. Had to take mine in for a service and picked it up yesterday so I asked about the fmq set. I'd already been to a show and bought the wrong one - I also bought those extra feet and when I tried I thought oh well that's that and an expensive mistake. But hey ho, reading your pages I asked the man in the shop and he found the low shank version for me. And double plus I have this morning read your page here and WHOOHOO I see the extra feet will fit too! A timely reminder that I should be playing more on the machine and get to know it better.
    So many, many thanks for all the information you pass on and the reviews, plus the pretty quilting which is so inspirational.

    Regards and best wishes,