Quilting with Rulers: Filling Between the Lines

Yesterday I showed you my diamond filled star. Today I took a little time to add some fills to my diamonds and I really like the result. At least after I did a couple.

The center fill is a cross between the design 'ribbon candy' and figure eights. I bet there's a better name for this, but I don't know it. Anybody have an idea? I see this a lot in custom long arm work.

Then I skipped a set of lines and stitched pebbles in graduated sizes to either side. The first set (above) was entirely unmarked freehand. It wasn't too wonky, but the spacing was not good. I whipped out my trusty air-eraseable purple pen and marked the center pebble, then six to either side. That came out a heck of a lot better.

I am having so much fun with this ruler sampler as it really challenges me to do something new with each space and block.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching another beginner free motion quilting class locally and I'll be taking this in to show one of the gals who is a new friend and reads the blog.

In other news, Leah Day has taken up quilting with rulers on her new Juki sit-down long arm and given my class on Craftsy a shout out  (25% off link to Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine right here). That's pretty cool!

I've got a shop update for you. If you've been putting off buying a ruler foot because it seemed kind of spendy, we are now offering the Westalee Ruler Foot Starter Set without the feather template which allows us to drop the price by $20! I know so many of you already have made a ruler foot purchase, but if you haven't, or if your friends are now interested in how you do these cool designs with rulers, you know where to go to get your supplies.

Thank you for all your support and wonderful comments!