Quilting Tip Video: How to Remove Stray Threads Inside the Quilt

I've got a great little quilt tip on video for you today. Have you ever found after quilting your top that there are dark threads showing under light colored portions of your quilt. How annoying!

Watch and see how I fish those little stragglers out.

I cannot believe how easily I hooked that thread out! Trust me, while it's not hard, I rarely hook it that fast!

Now I'm back to quilting on this sampler. I love how it's turning out, but I am so ready to be done with this piece and move on to something new!


  1. Your quilting on that piece is amazing!

  2. Bada Bing, bada boom! Done! Sweet!

  3. You should sell that little hook in your quilt shop. :-)

  4. I have had one of those "tools" in my sewing for a long time. Now I know another use for it!! Thanks for sharing.