Janome 9400 Ruler Foot and Upgrade

So many people have been asking me about a ruler foot for the 9400 and I can finally let you know that it's almost ready to launch. Dealers have already gotten this information, so while I can't really tell you all about it until the public launch, I can tell you its on the way and I'll give you full information about it shortly!

Free Motion Quilting Videos and More

Happy weekend everyone! Or likely, I hope you had a happy weekend, by the time you read this. A big box of the thread is on it's way to my thread giveaway winner, Dyan.

I've been working on my websites lately. Yes, sites. Ridiculous really. I have three of them, three email accounts (inbox zero will never happen) and all of the typical social media accounts for all of them. It's enough to make me feel like I have a split personality!

As I work to bring these pieces together, one thing I have stuck to is a single YouTube channel. You can find me there under my own name, Amy Johnson, but for some reason, until recently, I didn't have a link here on the blog to that channel.

Now I do.  See the upper left hand corner of the blog. Ta da!

On my YouTube channel, you will mostly find free motion quilting videos with and without rulers. You will also find videos on machine techniques and other quilting techniques as well. No family stuff, no matter how much my middle school boy begs to use my followers to jump start a YouTubing career. OK, there was that unfortunate time when I didn't realize that I needed to change some settings so that every follower didn't get a notification to every train video I put into a playlist for my little boy. (Which would be that same middle schooler I referenced. Where does the time go?!) Anybody remember that?

I am working on getting some new videos posted there soon and my channel introduction is certainly in need of updating, as well as some of the older videos. But if you never have checked it out beyong the videos I post here on the blog, you might want to check it out.

Be kind. You won't find super polished videos there and some of them are apparently more 'real' than people want to see. I even get some trolls from time to time, including the recent, "What a mess!" comment I received on a video of a workspace I had in my house back in the thick of baby raising. The whole point of the video was to share that you can make space for creativity even in the mess of life, that not all of us have polished studios worthy of an IKEA or Where Women Create spread. OK, it was a bit sarcastic and self deprecating, but it was real.

Some videos show rulers I no longer use, but back when no one else was talking about quilting with rulers, that was what I had. Not sure whether to keep those up as tribute to how things have changed over time or what. But I'm just learning and sharing as I go. That's what life is all about anyway.

Love y'all! Thanks for coming along on my quilting adventures.

Thread Winner

Hello from windy Virginia. I'm keeping this short as the internet has been spotty all day due to the crazy amount of wind we've been having, leaving trees down in a lot of places, and power out for a lot of folks. It was bad enough that the kids were even out of school. Several times I heard the bell that signified we had a customer, only to find that the wind had blown the door open. It even blew over our A-frame style chalkboard that is very heavy!

There were 720 responses to my thread give away and the random number generator chose response #427, which was Dyan. I'll be emailing in the morning from the shop.

I may do another one of these giveaways as I have a bit more thread to re-home, next will be smaller spools.

That's it for now. Wherever you are I hope you are safe, at a comfortable temperature (Gotta hedge there for my followers is other geographical climes.) and getting to do something creative.

BTW, have you joined my new Facebook group? Not just the blog's page, but Amy's Sew Simple Adventures, where I'm pulling together creative quilters from both my blog and my brick and mortar shop to share, encourage, teach and more. I've been doing quite a bit of live video there, including live quilting. It's been fun to connect in real time. Make sure to answer the 3 questions when you ask to join.