Dream Big Dahlia Quilt Along

I've started another live FB Quilt Along, this time using the popular Dream Big Dahlia panel. I'm almost sold out of my panels, with it available in the Opal colorway only. I'll see if some of my other independent quilt shop owners carry them and post links here if possible.

This panel is a whole lot of free motion fun! I'm echoing the outer edges of the petals and filling them in with free-hand fills and a little ruler work.

You can watch the videos on the AmyQuilts FB page Wednesdays at 1pm and Fridays at 1pm and 5pm. That's Eastern US time. Catch me live and ask questions! The replay is posted as soon as the live ends, so you can watch at your own convenience.

These videos are very long and rambly, so I'm not sure they will end up on my YouTube. Some will if I can edit them down a bit, make it more concise.

The threads on this project match pretty well, so a shot of the back really helps! I'll be using 3 different colors and all of them should show nicely (or badly as the case may be) on this violet backing.

As with my other videos, I'll do an archive post with all the videos on it here on the blog. That makes it a bit easier to find them all in order and get context of what the videos are about.

So....have you done one of these panels before? Do you have one you've wanted to do, but just haven't tried it yet? Let me know in the comments!

Amy's Amish Bars QAL: The Videos

Here are all of the FB Live videos from Amy's Amish Bars Quilt Along on the AmyQuilts FB page

This QAL got off to a rough start. I started in a rush and didn't like what I did and it had a pucker on the back so we're starting with this video instead.

Absolutely adoring these whirling curvy feathers!

Next comes some tiny feathers.

Next is some geometric looking ruler work. The ruler used is one that comes in the Janome Ruler Work Kit which is a nice assortment of high shank rulers.

And more feathers.

Crosshatching using my Low Curve Mini. Can also use the QPC BFF ruler.

Some dithering about with this video as I design on the fly what I want to put into this inner border. I change my mind a few times.

Still working out this design....

Finally in the below video, I figure it out and stick with it.

This project might need to be named the Indecisive Quilt! Below is a great design for a border, but again I changed my mind.

The below video is a quick follow up to the above video as I decided to change things up!

Loving the use of this Double S ruler for my outer border!

Fair warning on the below video...I change my mind on the feathers afterwards!

Time for some curved crosshatching...

Trading the feathers for some straight line work!

Whew! What an adventure we've been on! It's time to move on to our next series, so this shows the last of the Amy's Amish Bars QAL. It will be back in its finished glory in an upcoming post.

Amy's Amish Bars Tutorial

Amy's Amish Bars Quilt Along Project

You've been asking, so it's high time I get the tutorial up for making my "Amish Bars" variation. It's a great space for practicing all sorts of designs with and without rulers, especially those that work linearly like sashing and borders.

Still in progress....

 All you need is two fabrics with a decent amount of contrast. My selection of a tan solid and turquiose-y Grunge has been a big hit. You can order the kits for the top, backing and binding, and thread on AmyQuilts.com.  You'll need 1/2 yard for the narrow strips (the tan) and 1 yard of the main fabric. You might be able to squeak by with less, depending on how wide your fabric is and the care of cutting, but I think this is a safe amount. The final quilt measures 32 by 30 inches.


    From the tan:

        Cut two 2-1/2 inch by WOF (width of fabric) strips. Subcut into 4 strips 20-1/2 inches long

        Cut two strips 2-1/2 inches by 22-1/2 inches

    From the main fabric:

        Cut one 6-1/2 by 20-1/2 inch strip

        Cut one 4-1/2 by WOF strip, subcut into 2 strips 20-1/2 inches long

        Cut two 4-1/2 by 24-1/2 inch strips

        Cut two 4-1/2 by 30-1/2 inch strips

Assemble as shown in the above image. Press well and sandwich with your choice of backing. It takes a yard to back it. Our mottled brown has been a big hit too, so there's a backing kit too.

Looks like a nice suede, doesn't it?

Feel free to adapt this tutorial to fit your own needs; vary the strip width and/or length. I think a wider center strip would look great with the addition of some applique.

My hubby said the image above reminded him of a Roman or Greek temple, which tickled my funny bone and I made up the image below and sent it to him! I thought he was going to choke he was laughing so hard.

David goes quilting....eyes up here ladies, it seems to say....

If you can come up with a witty caption I can use with this, leave it in the comments.

For quilting of this top, of course you can head over to the AmyQuilts Facebook page, but I will follow this post up with an archive of all the videos so you can watch them directly here on the blog. That makes it a little easier to follow them in order. I'll also post a list of the rulers I have used in that post.

American Valor Quilt Along: The Videos

This fun and easy panel quilt is a great canvas for practicing your free motion quilting. Come along with me as I undertake another free motion quilting adventure. A limited number of the American Valor kit are still available.

There are two videos shot live each week via the AmyQuilts Facebook page on Wednesdays and Fridays, each at 1pm eastern time in the US. The replays will be posted afterward on the Facebook page and also embedded into this post below so that you can watch them without going on Facebook at all.

First we start with a little talk about prepping a quilt for basting and quilting. Click this link to watch it in Facebook where you can see the comments. There's also an introductory blog post as well: American Valor Quilt Along Introduction.

Now we move on to the quilting in this second video! You can watch this video directly on Facebook so you can see comments and questions, or right here on the blog below. We start off with the center star and quilt is lightly so it can be the "star of the show".....

The third video in which I finally have a decent haircut and I stitch some wind into the flag stripes! Watch below or at facebook to catch all the discussion that happened during the live video.

The fourth video is below or you can watch it directly at facebook so you can catch the comments and questions. In this quilting video, I begin outlining the words towards the top of the panel and do a little star and loop fill in the background. (Note to self, do not stand while making last minute adjustments to the camera when it's already on!)

I'll add more videos as they are posted. I hope you will follow along.