American Valor Quilt Along: The Videos

This fun and easy panel quilt is a great canvas for practicing your free motion quilting. Come along with me as I undertake another free motion quilting adventure. A limited number of the American Valor kit are still available.

There are two videos shot live each week via the AmyQuilts Facebook page on Wednesdays and Fridays, each at 1pm eastern time in the US. The replays will be posted afterward on the Facebook page and also embedded into this post below so that you can watch them without going on Facebook at all.

First we start with a little talk about prepping a quilt for basting and quilting. Click this link to watch it in Facebook where you can see the comments. There's also an introductory blog post as well: American Valor Quilt Along Introduction.

Now we move on to the quilting in this second video! You can watch this video directly on Facebook so you can see comments and questions, or right here on the blog below. We start off with the center star and quilt is lightly so it can be the "star of the show".....

The third video in which I finally have a decent haircut and I stitch some wind into the flag stripes! Watch below or at facebook to catch all the discussion that happened during the live video.

The fourth video is below or you can watch it directly at facebook so you can catch the comments and questions. In this quilting video, I begin outlining the words towards the top of the panel and do a little star and loop fill in the background. (Note to self, do not stand while making last minute adjustments to the camera when it's already on!)

I'll add more videos as they are posted. I hope you will follow along.

American Valor Quilt Along Introduction

Today I started my first video for the American Valor Quilt Along and we stuck to just covering a few pre-quilting basics. In all honesty, I hadn't gotten it all sandwiched and ready to quilt and I probably could have, but realized there were a few things I wanted to talk about that would be easier to show before I sandwiched the top with the batting and backing.

I had to take the picture of the top in two parts so I could get it fairly straight and well lit on my design wall. (OK, and the fact that there are several boxes in front of the design wall didn't help! LOL.) I neglected to pay attention to the star placement on the right vertical strip of stars. Boo. Oh well.

Trimming threads off the back of the top.

Especially if your fabric is off grain (which can happen with digitally printed fabrics and panels like this when you need to cut along a printed section. It's a lot easier to trim before you sandwich than it is to go fishing with a knit picker (tiny crochet hook) and get it out after you realize that dark thread is showing through the top. Here's a video I did where I did just that.

Backing choices!  I am totally crushing over these! They look a little like worn denim, but are a nice quilting cotton. I'll be using the #3 fabric with is nearly a perfect match for the blue around the star border. These will be sold at shortly.

Thread choices! Of course, I'm going to use my beloved Glide thread and since you all want to see my stitching in the video, what I will use is different than what I would choose if I was doing this video for myself. In the next video, I'll have more of the quilt stabilized and we'll move into the actual free motion quilting.

The next video is Friday, May 3 at 1pm Eastern time. Won't you join us? Feel free to share this quilt along info with any of your quilting friends. The more, the merrier!

American Valor Quilt-along

Next week will start the first Facebook live videos for my next quilt-along series for American Valor. There's still time to get your kit and quilt along with me!

Due to all the preparation for our local shop hop right on the heels of two separate spring breaks for my kids, it's been difficult to get this going as planned, but we will get started May 1!

The kit comes with full instructions and includes fabric for the top and binding.

Videos will be shot live on the AmyQuilts facebook page Wednesday and Fridays at 1pm with an additional video Friday at 5pm. This is all Eastern time in the US. The footage will be recorded and posted to the facebook page after each live segment so you can watch whenever it's convenient for you. If you don't do facebook, I will be running a separate blog post here with the videos embedded so you can watch them right here on the blog without going to Facebook.

I'm excited about this panel based project as there are spaces and design areas that we can really make sing with our free motion quilting. I have additional yardage that goes with this fabric if you are interested in making it bigger than the 37 x 67-1/2" kit directs, as well as some great choices for backing. Right now the yardages aren't listed online, but I'll work on getting it up somehow soon.

Won't you join in the fun with me?

Amy's Sew Simple Studio is Stupendous!

Yes, I've got a thing for alliteration in my titles.....

The stand-alone studio is now functioning! It's still a work in progress, but I've been doing all my live videos here for a few weeks now.

As you can probably guess from the exterior, it's an older building and needs a lot of work. But as this gem from history shows below, it's come a long way!

This is looking through the same doorway towards the back door. It had been a salon since the 1940's.

Decades of hairspray is not fun to paint over! Once we got the paint to stick to the wall, it took many coats to cover this dark red shade.

While this space is very much the playground for and of course, for me, I believe we'll be calling it the Sew Simple Studio. Mostly I call it the studio or my studio, as we have to make sure to keep the two locations straight and make sure our locals don't think of it as a second shop. Or think that we're moving out of Lynchburg.

While I'm sure at some point there will be a small retail element to this space, it will be just to support occasional classes, workshops, and day retreats. But its core function is give me a space to do my own projects and shoot my videos without cluttering up the classroom at Sew Simple of Lynchburg. If you've ever taken over the dining room or the guest room with your quilting stuff and suddenly have a guest in this space, you know this feeling. We have important guests all day at the shop and I do not want things to look messy.

OK, and I like being able to listen to whatever I want, as loud as I want, and typically, I'm singing along! :-)

This area will eventually be a classroom/event space

Not only can I work without fear of making clutter, but I can spread out better and have several projects going at once. This is important because I have different projects sometimes for the shop, than I do for my online peeps. Plus, there are various things that need to be at different stages for my customers and students.

The studio is helping me to put some much needed boundaries in place for work, family, and other interests. When you own your own business, it's hard to separate work from life. Especially if that work supports your family. The studio is very close to home and the kids' schools. This is helping me to have a refreshed mind. It is nearly impossible to let your creativity flow when your mind is flitting from thought to thought, especially if you're running on empty.

I think I might bring my Poured Out II quilt to the studio to remind myself how important it is to fill your cup up in order to pour out onto others.

I'm very excited about the studio, even though right now it almost seems like I've doubled my workload. It's already helped me create more videos. You can see my latest video on tension adjustments for free motion quilting. Subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any new ones!