Quilting Misadventures

Perhaps this should be Amy's Free Motion Quilting Misadventures.
Last night was not shaping up to be a good night. The baby kept waking up and I was tired, so when my bobbin ran out of thread after about 2 minutes of quilting my current project, I called it quits for the night. Today during nap/quiet time, I wound the bobbin and then realised that the bobbin running out last night was a blessing. Have you ever made this stupid mistake?

Sorry it's so blurry, my interest is quilting not photography, nor am I interested in investing enough time to make this a slick, eye-candy kind of blog. Perhaps you can see my mistake better here?

That's right, I managed to catch part of my project under the area I was quilting. Sigh... time to do one of my more common stitches--frog stitch-- rip it, rip it.

Here's the whole wall hanging below. I still need to bind it, then I'll hang it next to the front door on our porch. That is, if the wind dies down soon. I have two other wall hanging I've made to rotate on a seasonal basis. I'll have to post some shots of them soon.I used some pearl cotton thread for the hay in the manger and it is casting a shadow so you can't see the teeny baby Jesus there. I had fun with this! Gotta get done with it though and work on some Christmas presents!

A Machine Quilting Convert

I used to be a hand-quilting snob, but I got frustrated with taking so long to finish a quilt, and being a mom to 3 little kids, I needed to accomplish something that stayed done. I also used to enjoy crazy quilting for its very individualistic design and less need for the precision found in traditional piecing. I'm known among my friends as someone who "wings it" a lot so precision is not my thing whether it be quilting, sewing, cooking, whatever! About six months ago I re-examined machine quilting. When I saw the artistry and freedom of free-motion machine quilting, I was hooked!

Follow along as I learn this skill, make some projects, and do a lot of doodling and free-motion machine quilting practice.