Doodle Quilting

It was a good sermon I swear, but I had to draw the floral pattern on the blouse of the woman in front of me at church. I think I may have a slight addiction here, but my hands just itch when I see a pattern that would make a good quilting design.Then I just had to stitch it out. Here it is in progress. It's on a commercial batik/dyed fabric and it's on top of Peltex, destined to become a postcard to send to a new quilty friend. I'm trying to make some smaller works and I like the idea of postcard type quilts. It's great practice and practice is what builds those quilting skills. I haven't mailed any yet, and I will just have to put it in an envelope when I do. I'm scared to let something like this travel without protection.

How about you? Have you mailed quilted postcards? With or without envelopes? Have you been compelled to draw a design that's on someone's clothes? At least I've moved on from my crazy quilting obsession where I'd want to take scissors to someone's clothing!

Fun Free Motion Quilting

Here's a turkey that's been hanging around here lately. He was a lot of fun to stitch up. He's in my shop space, but as usual, I doubt he'll sell, so I just might go get him on Wednesday so I can have him in my house for Thanksgiving. I'm going to be changing things with my local shop since they just don't have much traffic. Maybe I'll finally set up an Etsy site.

In the pics below is a custom made purse ordered by the shop manager where I sell my quilty stuff. She picked out the fabrics and I was not wild about them, so it was a bit of a challenge. But she wanted a little metallic thread for bling, so I got to play around with some and it was wonderful. I used Superior Thread's metallic thread in gold and no problems whatsoever.

Over all, the bag had a oriental thing going on and she was quite pleased with it. The bag pattern is my own design and this time I added zippered pockets on the inside.

I do like the purse design, but it seems to take forever to make even though it is fairly simple. The handles are a bit fiddly but worth it.

In other quilty news, I've finally begun to quilt my large art quilt that I made to give as a thank you to my church. It's very big and means a lot to me so it's been slow going.

What have you been stitching on?

Top Tension

When you have one of these: And one of these:

You'd better check all your settings before stitching, or you'll get some of these:

The mischievious munchkin strikes again! I thought I had forgotten to lower the presser foot lever at first, but then I saw the knob had been turned to 0 and the speed slider was as fast as it could go instead of somewhere in the middle. At least these stitches were easy to rip out.