Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman with a Sewing Machine, Revisited

You might remember this project from a post published last November. It's been needing a little something more and this weekend I finished it off. If you didn't see that post and I know there are a bunch of new readers here, go check it out and watch the two related videos, one is a speedy time-lapse number. We'll be here when you're done!

 The stitching was great but just not dense enough for the letters to pop out and be readable from a distance. Since this has been my battle-cry of sorts this past year, I wanted to see those words.

Using a technique I learned from Irena Bluhm several years ago (from her QNN videos), I used Dewent Inktense pencils and textile medium to carefully paint inside the stitching of the letters. It's kind of hard to get the shading just right without adding so much water that the color bleeds, but I really like the results.

never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine

I think it's a lot better now that the words are colored. This is hanging in my studio directly across from the front door, so I can see it often and if it serves as a little reminder to those coming in the house that I'm not just sitting around eating bon-bons, I'm OK with that.

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Hope you've made some time for creativity in your life this weekend!


  1. Don't know if you realize you didn't do the "a" in front of "woman."

  2. I learnt that colouring technique from hugs' n kisses and she calls it colourque. I was just thinking about colouring doodle quilting like colouering book for adults which is finally here Ireland 20 years behind of Japan!

  3. The sewing was extraordinary however just not sufficiently thick for the letters to pop out and be decipherable from a separation. Since this has been my call to war of sorts this previous year, I needed to see this blog.