Quilty Ramblings

Last night I was happy to teach beginner free motion quilting to a little group of ladies. We did a lot of laughing, stitching, and more laughing. Since the danger of taking a class from a blogger is taking pictures, these two gals were nice enough to let me take a few snaps with my phone.

The shop where I work part time is very small and while I could make arrangements for a larger class elsewhere, these intimate classes fit my schedule and I'm able to give one one one attention. One gal hadn't ever used a free motion foot on her Pfaff and since I'm not familiar at all with Pfaffs, we had to figure it out together. With a bigger class I wouldn't have been able to take the time away from the group.

Another quilter was able to use one of the shop's machines as she didn't want to bring her machine from home. Since she's thinking of getting a new machine, what better way to show her the Janome 8900?

As part of my beginner free motion quilting classes, we draw the designs we're working on. I provide a laminated reference sheet for each student with tips and guidelines for FMQ and we draw on the back with a dry erase marker. Yes, I think drawing designs first is that important!

I've gotten a little bit more done on my sampler quilt too. I was going to work on it more today, but hubby was rained out at work and we took the opportunity to enjoy the time together without kids. I think the last time he and I had a meal out together without them was Valentine's Day.

It's a rainy but colorful day here in Virginia with all the leaves showing their fall glory. Above is my view as I look for the school bus from my porch. The hot pink geraniums are still doing their thing on my porch and the Japanese cherry is turning a lovely yellow-orange. You can see a neighbor's dogwood in the distance.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe, dry, warm, well-fed, loved, and able to do something creative. We are all well blessed if so.

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  1. I love your beautiful free motion quilting. I wish I were in Virginia so I could take a class with you, Amy.