The Labor of Labor Day

I was able to get some quilting done this weekend. Cure choir of angels; hallelujah! I'm filling in around this frame design with a paisley fill and hope to have a video for you on it soon.

I was also able to finally recruit some 'staff' to help me with my web design and online shop creation. One was hiring a graphic artist to help me with a few little graphics. I decided while I could figure it out, it was better to hire someone else who could knock it out faster than me.

"I mustache you a question...How hard can it be?"
  The other was my husband who after hearing me moan and groan about getting everything linked up and entered in and quipping, "How hard can it be?" one to many times, is now working on the back end of my online store, so I can focus on the quilty stuff. He may be doing some groaning of his own now.

Here she is at 3!

Today is also my daughter's 9th birthday! I can't believe how fast the years have flown. Especially as a mom to 3, the days can be so looooong.

Don't forget, the Craftsy Labor Day sale is winding up soon, so click here and purchase that class you've been eyeing! The sale is also on their wide selection of supplies and material. I've still got this link here for my class, Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine, at a 50% discount until tomorrow! (Sorry, sale is over)


  1. I did it!!!!! Can't wait to start my class!!!

  2. Working my way through your class. You're a natural!
    And I've just ordered a foot and rulers from Westalee for my Bernina. Can't wait to put it all into action.
    Well done!