Ready for the Weekend!

I am soooooo ready for this weekend! Hubby works in marine construction and this is one of the few minor holidays that he gets off since the lake will be full of boaters getting in their last hurrah. You just can't get much work done standing on a huge barge, trying to pound in giant posts with a crane when a speed boat zooms by. Since the last couple of weeks have been very busy with school, my travel, and Craftsy class launch, I'm looking forward to some extra family time and hopefully some time to work on my multiple unfinished projects.

I was supposed to be doing more finishing of projects this year!
Speaking of Craftsy, my class has been doing great! I've been busy answering questions and keeping up with the discussions on the platform. If you haven't signed up for Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine yet, this weekend is an excellent time to do so. Craftsy is running another huge sale between now and Wednesday!

SALE on your best back to school ever! Shop Up to 50% off ALL online Craftsy classes for a limited time — no textbooks or pop quizzes allowed.

The back to school theme of the sale makes me giggle a little bit. My kids have just finished their 4th week of school! But it is a great time for us to do some learning too and at least we can do it from home in our pajamas if we want.

There are some really great free motion quilting classes on Craftsy right now. Besides my class, there's a class from Lori Kennedy of the Inbox Jaunt. I haven't taken Divide and Conquer: Creative Quilting for Any Space yet, but I keep up with her blog and she's so stinkin' talented and creative with her designs. There are several more from Leah Day, Patsy Thompson, Angela Walters, and more.

There are two great classes to take that could be utilized with ruler work: Angela Walters' Dot to Dot Quilting and Kim Brunner's Machine Quilting with Templates.

My daughter and I have continued learning from Kim Werker's  Crochet: Basics and Beyond. She's finally trying to follow patterns! Not that I want her to give up her free form crochet creations, but I'd like for her to find some joy in creating an actual, usable piece. Some of her creations resemble yarn vomit (without the ick factor).

In fact, her birthday is Tuesday and to celebrate it, she and I are going yarn shopping tomorrow! I'm trying to decide if she's ready for the nice yarn from the yarn shop, or if she's still just into quantity. We'll most likely stick to the big box hobby shops but we may pop into the boutique yarn shop for some inspiration. She's so excited about a "girls' day" together!

I've been catching up on a little reading too. Especially yesterday when I felt so icky. I think I've turned a corner for the better this morning. I found these magazines at Joanne's fairly recently, but have just been reading them little by little. Sadly, I hear  Artists & Makers is no longer going to be made. I have to admit, that while I should learn from these magazines, sometimes I'm just all about looking at the beautiful pictures.

I'm also hoping to get some more quilting done this weekend too. Because that's what we're all here for right? I know I am. Sigh....I need an assistant or maybe a housekeeper. Anybody looking for an unpaid internship? LOL.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. At 50 percent off I could not resist. I now have the class and maybe it will inspire me more to at least give it a try. I am looking forward to your store opening.

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