Love of Learning Class Sale

Craftsy's doing it again this weekend...offering a great sale on fabulous classes! My class, Quilting with Rulers on a Home Machine, is even on sale for $20 (50% off) using this link.

Love how you learn with Craftsy:

  1. Enjoy a front row seat. See every move clearly with Craftsy's high-definition video. Plus, rewatch challenging concepts until you get them right.
  2. Kick up your feet. Enjoy classes anytime from the convenience of your home or even on-the-go with our mobile apps.
  3. Conquer new concepts. Learn easily with helpful diagrams, engaging graphics and downloadable materials that take you step-by-step through each new skill.
  4. Interact with me, your instructor. Ask questions and receive helpful answers. With one-on-one guidance, you’ll take your skills to new heights. (I love answering my student's questions on the Craftsy class platform!)

One of the fabulous perks of being a Craftsy instructor is the access to Craftsy's diverse library of classes. Classes that work especially well with ruler work are those by Kim Brunner, Angela Walters, Leah Day, and Eva Larkin Hawkins.

My daughter and I have started watching classes together as she's a crafty gal and loves to create with me, but sometimes she responds to the instruction from Craftsy teachers than her mama. *sniff* we've done Kim Werker's Crochet: Basics and Beyond and should it surprise me that when I suggested we check out some of the cooking classes, she wanted to do a class on tiny French pastries? Colette Christian is teaching us about Miniature French deserts. Confession time: I was just glad she chose that class before we got to the huge offering of fancy cake classes. I'm not a huge fan of cake (though I love , and make, a good cheesecake), our birthday cake expectations are currently thankfully low, and my hubby is diabetic.

I'm sure we'll move on to cakes at some point, but we also checked out Homemade Salty Snacks with Cynthia Nims. We plan on making cheese crackers tomorrow. 

I'm also hoping to make time to take some photography classes as I feel I could be doing much better with my blog and quilt pictures. Plus I have adorable kids who are growing faster than weeds! I've got to get better pics of them while I can. One class that has caught my eye is Mobile Photography which is about taking better pics with your phone's camera. Totally brilliant!

Use my special discount link to check out the classes at Craftsy this weekend! All the classes linked above should still give you the lowest sale price if you click them, this link is just a general link that gives me an affiliate credit for any classes you might buy through any of the links here. (Yes, these are all affiliate links and the use of them help support the ridiculous amount of time I put into this blog.)

Have a fabulous creative weekend!


  1. Just paid for the class. Really looking forward to it. : )

  2. Amy, you are an awesome instructor! I'm only part way thru your class but you have done a fabulous job! Best Craftsy class I've ever taken. Contrary to your thought, you seem very comfortable I front of the camera. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK,YOU so much for stepping outside of your comfort zone to help us! It really is the best class I've taken!