Sewing Machine Service

I consider myself a pretty loving caretaker of my sewing machine, a Janome 6600P. I clean under and around the bobbin case area in between projects. I mostly use polyester thread so there's less lint build-up. I put a drop of oil on the wick under the bobbin occasionally. I don't sew over pins.

free motion quilting set up
My machine ready for free motion quilting. I'm using painter's tape to patch a few tears from snagging Peltex on the edges of my Supreme Slider.
And yet, I haven't had my machine cleaned and serviced in the nearly 3 years I've had the machine. My dealer provides free servicing for 5 years after the purchase, so I have no excuse. And I have seriously worked this machine with all of my free motion quilting!

I finally took the machine in for a tune up and cleaning even though I wasn't having major issues. It seemd like it sounded a little louder than it used to and was having trouble with thicker threads.

Now I can tell it is quieter and the stitch quality is better. I haven't tried it again with the threads I was having trouble with, as I am working on a customer quilt. But I am definitely glad I took it in. In fact, I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner, since it did improve things! I was careful to wipe a little excess oil off the needle bar before beginning to quilt.

Basting before free motion quilting
Pin basting. I swear my pins run off inbetween uses! Had to buy more.

So, when is the last time your machine was serviced? Get it done, you'll be glad you did!


  1. Maybe your pins and my pins are eloping? I seem to have less and less too!
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  2. I take mine in about once a year, it seems...totally worth it to get it cleaned and oiled (and I care for mine really well, I think). Wish my dealer gave free maintenance for the first five years, what a deal!

  3. Yep, must do! I had one that I didnt have serviced for 15 years. She purred much differently after she was all cleaned up!

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I haven't serviced mine in awhile - I never want to be without it! But, we're doing some renovations right now, so it's a good time to do it.

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