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Linda Taylor free motion quilting
Linda Taylor's work.

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I had a real nice break at the Quilt and Sew Expo. But as an introvert it wasn't all relaxing and fun. Lots of people! I was there to demonstrate the Gammill Charm, a sit-down long arm. Thankfully, when it comes to talking to people about something I'm passionate about, like free motion quilting, I have a much easier time talking.

Here's Lori, the owner of Threads Run Through It, setting up the Statler Stitcher. We have plans for me to teach free motion quilting classes at her shop, starting in November. I also met Dave Stafford, CEO of Gammill.

Here's the Charm with the side leaf up and my sampler of quilting I stitched on the first day. I would stitch and after a minute or two, feel the presence of someone looking over my shoulder, and then let them stitch. Sometimes it took some persuading! Several times I had someone who hadn't free motioned before sit down to stitch and I was amazed at how well every one did. Most used the purple grip thing (what is that thing called?) instead of fooling with gloves.

Linda Taylor, pioneer of long arm quilting and professional quilter for 20 years, was teaching classes at the show and since she's a Gammill Girl, one of her pieces was hung in the booth. Right above me! It's a very abstract but fun piece! It is nearly coated with crystals, front and back.

I sure looks like a lot of fun! Well, maybe not the attaching crystals part. So many different stitches and designs. I wish I had a chance to meet her.

"Clouds in My Latte" by Karen Marchetti  was hanging on the other side of the booth. Linda's quilt will stop you in your tracks, but Karen's really draws you in with its subtle colors and gorgeous, well-planned, uniform quilting.

"Clouds in my Latte" by Karen Marchetti

"Come closer", says the quilt.

"Clouds in my Latte" by Karen Marchetti

I could have taken more pictures of the quilts on exhibit, but since there's the statement of "personal use only" I didn't take them for putting on the blog. So I tried getting some people pics. I got a shot of long arm quilter extraordinaire, Lisa Sipes, but it came out really blurry. Maybe it's because she's always on the move!

free motion quilting ruler work on Gammill Charm

I did some ruler work on the Charm too. Many people thought it very interesting. I agree! I talked to a few sewing machine folks about the ruler toe, most notably: Janome, Bernina and Husqvarna-Viking.

The Janome rep. loved the idea and told me later that day that he sold the ruler toe he had there to some one who had talked to me. I think it was a gal who had said she had seen a video on ruler work on Youtube. We decided it was probably my video. That was cool! She was very good at free motion, BTW.

I was disappointed to miss one of my classes. I thought it started later in the day, and arrived after it was over. Dusty Farrell, the teacher, was nice enough to talk to me for a while and gave me some advice and also gave me his 'coupon' for a discount at his booth. The coupon was a little black skeleton shape! His line of rulers include a few bone and skull shaped ones to match his tattoos! He had a video and ruler set for doing ruler work on a long arm, but I didn't have the budget for it, even with a discount. Sad day. But I did purchase a long-desired string line with stencil chalk for marking longer lines on quilts.

I'll save the rest of the info for another post.

I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend! I'm linking this post with Freemotion by the River's Tuesday Link party.

BTW, the sale special is good on the Charm and the Gammill long arms through this Wednesday, should anyone from the show read this. Mention me if you place an order.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip:) I like the colorful quilt. Interesting use of different colored threads

  2. glad you had a good trip... looks like you had lots of inspiration and great contacts! {but personally i'm glad you didn't get rulers with skeletons/skulls ~ yucky! lol}

  3. Sounds like it was a great show. Clouds in my latte looks amazing. I have two rulers coming my way and should be here next week, the straight and the 10" curve from from Fine Line. I still need to modify a quilting foot and get my quilt all pinned together.

  4. Such gorgeous quilts - thanks for sharing. I'm excited to read the rest of your report, especially what the Bernina people had to say :-)

  5. I absolutely love Dusty's work. Pretty sure I'd be star struck in one of his classes. :)

    Sounds like a really good time, I'm glad it went well even though I know it was exhausting!

  6. It sounds like it was a great day overall.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and all those rulers sound interesting! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday