Foot Foul Up

It seems I may have gotten it wrong when referencing which adapter might be needed for Berninas if one wants to use the Janome low-shank convertible free motion quilting foot set with the ruler toe added.

I am so sorry. I am still waiting to hear back from my Bernina girls to verify, but it looks like the #77 adapter foot doesn't work. Two lovely readers are awaiting the #75 adapter now, so I hope we can figure it out.

I have updated the post, Free Motion Foot and Toe Follow Up.

Update: I have heard back from one of our dear readers and Bernina girl, KaKnitter and she reports, " Great News, the #75 adaptor works with some modifications. The Free motion convertible set has a slant on it and the adaptor does not slip in all the way unless you metal file down a little bit of the #75 adaptor. My dear husband fined tune it perfectly. I am thrilled. :)"

I am so happy that the foot worked out for her and that there are options for Bernina users and others to use this great technique for ruler work!


  1. Did you happen to take a picture of the adapter showing it filed down?

    1. I have asked for her to send pics if possible. I don’t have a Bernina, so this is all second hand information. I am so glad she has shared with us though!