Friday Happenings

I am off to the Quilt and Sew Expo so (sew) I most likely will not post anything to the usual Friday link parties. I will be free motion quilting most of the time I'm gone, or helping someone else quilt on the Gammill Charm at the Expo, so (sew!) I'm hoping to get some pictures and post something while I'm gone.

Today I was quilting dangerously! How? I basted a white backing and a white top together on my kitchen floor! This is a floor inhabited by 3 kids and a black cat. Well mopped, but still hazardous. I don't know why I didn't just set up my big table instead of using the floor!

I marked out a bunch of quilting guidelines on this solid white top as a sample piece for the expo. I figure I might as well put this big machine through its paces! I am taking my rulers and I'll just see what happens. The main purpose is to get others to try the Charm, so I may not do much quilting.

I made up some new business cards and had quite a conundrum. What am I? What do I do? Do I make quilts? Quilt quilts for others (and/or apply binding like I did this week)? Have I taught enough to feel secure in calling myself a teacher?

In the end, I just made cards with my name, blog addy, and contact information.

The morning is coming fast, so good night. I hope you all have a great weekend and maybe I'll even get a chance to meet a few readers.


  1. business cards. i had the same questions. it's good to 'just begin' ...! {then later} you will have some ideas come to you as you {i'm sure!} as to your main theme/product/service and perhaps even a mission statement?! i finally found some that were easy to do online at, and used pictures of my quilts! love them. bought them at deep discount + quantity discount at end of year a couple years ago, and they have lasted me well {love their quality too} .

  2. Have a great weekend! I can't wait for your full report :-)