Sacred Threads Part 2

The following images are all quilts from the 2013 Sacred Threads Exhibit, which is in Herndon, VA. That's near Washington DC, and it runs through this coming Sunday, July 28.

There are so many quilts that it was hard to pick just a few to share. This quilt was near the beginning of the exhibit, and as I rounded a corner I was thinking how blessed I was to be able to get away with a friend and see this exhibit for a whole weekend. My eyes landed on the heart and for a moment I saw "You Time"! Kind of felt like a voice telling me it was ok to take this time for myself..

"Rooted in the Heart" by Amelia P Morusiewicz, Mitchellville, MD.
 The trunk of this tree (I have a fondness for trees, you know) looks to be done with Texture Magic in a very wonderful application.

The following quilt is by Patty Powers who lives pretty close to me. We have begun to attend a small textile art group together. I love how she handles color in this piece!

I found this next piece just lovely! Peaceful and beautiful. I was calmed just by looking at it and thinking of the 23rd Psalm from which this piece is inspired. Still waters indeed. The quilting was beautiful, the whole piece was just wonderful, and paisleys for leaves? Brilliant!

"He Leads Me By Still Waters" by Sharon L Schlotzhauer from Colorado Springs, CO.

Sacred Threads had an 'Artist in Residence' this year. Dominique Ehrmann from Quebec, Canada creates quilts in 3D. The best way to explain her large work in the exhibit is that it is a series of four quilts layered about 6 inches apart, each depicting a layer of the total image.

It has an incredible amount of detail and of course, depth to it. It has a quality that reminds me of stage props, in that I can imagine a puppet to appear, ready to perform in the midst of the scene. The first part of her statement is below.

Larkin J Van Horn of Freeland, WA created "Pentecost" below.

The quilts in the grief category were up on the stage of the exhibit, and displayed in a way to separate them from the main path of the exhibit. Having bawled my eyes out at the 2011 show when reading the statements of several of the grief quilts when I was in a very fragile state during my husband's cancer treatments, I appreciated this.

Helen Turnbull, of Broad Run, VA created "The Broken Branch". It symbolized her daughter who died in an accident. I was very moved by this quilt and its story, besides being a beautiful work on its own.

Betty Busby, from Albuquerque NM, created "Mourning Doves". I found the piece disturbingly beautiful. Again, this was in the grief section of the exhibit, so I wasn't expecting sunshine and rainbows. Each feather of the doves was an individual raw-edged appliqued piece and further enhanced with stitching and a bit of paint.

Sacred Threads is an exhibit of spiritual themes, but not necessarily Christian based. Judaism was well represented as was Hindi, Buddhism and other faiths. Chrishna made an appearance too. And not all quilts had a particular religious link to them. This white on white quilt was quite large and rather breath taking.

Made by Pierra Vernex of Quebec, "Simply Mandalas" featured dense free motion quilting, machine embroidery and decorative machine stitches.

Nancy Kay Smith of Belleview FL, created "The Journey Through Lent and Easter" below:

I found it absolutely stunning! I hope this quilt graces the wall of whatever church she attends!

I wish I could show more pictures! You can purchase a book or DVD of the quilts in this year's exhibit at Sacred Thread's website.

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  1. Thanks for putting up some pictures Amy
    I missed a few of these at the exhibit because my eyes got full.
    LeeAnna Paylor

  2. So many beautiful pieces and amazing artists. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilts, so inspiring.

  4. I just learned about this show and now I'm totally hooked and I hope to go someday!!! I love the variety - wow - thank you for sharing :)

  5. Wow wow WOW!!!! Judging by the sampling you've shared, this must have been a spectacular show!!!

  6. Some truly amazing work. Thanks for sharing.

  7. There's so much to see at this show that every time I went through the exhibit, I saw something I didn't remember seeing before. As LA (LeeAnna) said, your eyes can get full and in more ways than one!

  8. Wow, So very moving. Thanks for all your work at putting these up. They're incredible!