Sacred Threads Exhibit, Part 1

I went up to visit my quilt in the Sacred Threads Exhibit up in Herndon, VA last weekend and to chit chat and visit with other artists during the Artists' Reception.

First things first, my quilt, Poured Out 2, hung nicely. Though the corner spot was a bit dark and didn't show off the quilting to the best advantage with that black background. I recieved a lot of compliments on the work and my favorite was from the husband of another artist, who said my statement about the making of the quilt really blew him away and caused him to do a double take and really look more closely at the background to see the full impact of my quilt.

Poured Out 2 at Sacred Threads
Poured Out 2
This gal below saved me from my self-induced failure to socialize. This is Nina Marie and I met her through her blog and her "Off the Wall Friday" link up feature. I was so happy to meet someone I 'knew' even if it was only through blogs up to that point.

She was a lot of fun to talk to and we also met another quilting blogger and teacher, Leeanna Paylor. She was fabulously funny and friendly. In fact we've talked over the phone since then. Both have been an encouragement to me in regards to my tongue-tied self. Hey, there's a reason I express myself with fabric and thread. There were so many people I should have talked to, but if it was up to me to start the conversation, most likely I didn't.

Above is Nina's piece, John 4:24 ("God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.")

I try to take pictures of the artist statements for each piece I photograph, so I can give credit to the artists. In a few days I'll post Part 2 of my trip to Sacred Threads, which will include more pieces in the show.

One of Nina Marie's great tutorials was about her fabric dying in Solo cups and the freedom in dying more informally while still getting fabulous results. When I saw the above set of lights with red solo cup shades, I had to snap a pic for her!

And then there had to be a bit of fabric shopping! Though I only hit a few shops and was very cautious in what I bought. Below is the color palette for a new quilt I've got in my mind and in my sketchbook. The striped batiks were the inspiration, but the quilt will be done in the solids.

As if a weekend wasn't enough, I'm returning to the show tomorrow with my kids and parents in tow to see the exhibit with a cousin and then hit the Air and Space Museum. Then the following week, I will return again with my aunt!

Since I came home from the show, I have seen photos online of other artists that were there and have really been kicking myself for letting the shyness get the better of me. If you were there and I didn't speak to you it was because I was a total chicken. You might remember me as the young gal with turquoise pants and a nicely contrasting red face! I was probably the youngest artist there, at 42, and the only attention my relative youth got me was an inquiry by one of the volunteers to see if I had any feminine hygiene produces to aid a needful guest! At least I don't look old enough to be judged done with menopause! I'll take it as a complement.

I am quite happy with this year's exhibit. There were some changes from the 2011 show, including a venue change that was for the better. The layout was fabulous, a kind of labyrinth to walk and view the art work. And the 'Artist in Residence', Domonique Ehrmann was very approachable (even for my shy self) and I enjoyed talking to her. I can't wait for the kids to see her 3D quilt and find the animals she has hidden within it!

 This post is linked up at Nina Marie's "Off the Wall Friday" link up. Take a look at what others are doing there.


  1. Finally - Finally a quilter at these things that is younger than me!!! As an aside - I was also 42 when I got in my first Sacred Threads so it must be a great age! I just want to say that I loved meeting you in person too and I think it would be a lot easier to socialize at openings if there were more ladies in our generation that were there. Face it - we don't have tons in common with the general population of quilters. I mean - like - do you think most ladies there would see the true beauty in red solo cup lights?! grin!

  2. If only I would live closer - I would LOVE to join you on occasions like this one ;-)) And I know perfectly well how you might have felt, being an introvert myself ... sometimes I just can't speak up to strangers
    Your quilt is wonderful, and I enjoyed looking at all the details - a lot. Thanks for sharing !!

  3. Hi, Amy. Very nice post and your piece is lovely. Your comment about age differences is interesting and indicative of the problem of drawing all ages to the craft and art. Having done art quilting for a l-o-n-g time, I find myself in the "old lady" category--how did that happen, I ask myself? Such is life.
    best from Tunisia,

  4. Those striped batiks were SO rich looking! You sound like me...I have trouble talking to people in person too. How fun to meet up with a fellow blogger at this event!

  5. enjoyed hearing the remarks of the husband, and i do hope many will 'pour over it" and look deeper! loved the friend's pics, and glad to hear of your social foray, as well as your quilting one! xo