Quilting Bits and Pieces

Not necessarily fabric bits and pieces, but little bits of quilting news, events, and mishaps.

I'm getting ready to head off to the Sacred Threads Quilt Exhibit this Friday and I thought I'd make a new purse. In fact, I decided to create my own pattern for a smaller purse based on a large bag I designed last year. All was going well and then..... I fused my interfacing to my press cloth.

I swear I checked to make sure it wasn't shiny side up!

I am really looking forward to the Sacred Threads Exhibit! Not only will I see my quilt on display (The first quilt I've ever entered into a show or exhibit.), but it's going to be a nice trip with a fun and fabulous friend. We leave Friday, and come back Sunday. Without kids!

I love my kids, but time away from them is rare and I find when I go away, I come back refreshed and actually missing them. And I hope to spend some time chatting with other quilters and artists and learning from them! Maybe I'll even meet a reader of my blog?

Superior Threads makes some beautiful threads and their site has some fabulous videos to educate us!

Near the end of last year, I asked 3 fabulous ladies to be my "advisers" to help mentor me and keep me on track with my own self-appointed goals and deadlines. And I am the one who has consistently been late with my reporting to them. Maybe I need the local one to give me a swift kick in the rear!

The marvelous and multi-talented Leslie at Marveles Art Studio has been doing some seriously gorgeous quilting lately! Go take a look at some seriously gorgeous feathering and other free motion quilting designs.

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