Blogger and Drop Down Coupon links

It seems I've got some issues on the blog with some drop-down coup advertising that I did not install or approve of. Nor do I want these links. My brain is mush right now so I am going to bed and will try to remove these unauthorized links tomorrow. I do put a few selected affiliate links on my blog from time to time, but they are carefully chosen by me. These new links are somewhat random and I will do my best to get them gone. Should you have any experience with this on your own site and can give me some help with how to get rid of them, I would appreciate it. The uninstall direction from the drop down coupon site don't seem to help. So sorry folks!  

Update! Seems it's not a problem with my blog, but some malware on my computer. You probably aren't seeing what I'm seeing.

Update to the Update! Phew! It seems I have gotten rid of the blasted thing. All is well. And now I will go to sleep.


  1. how did you get rid of it? i am seeing them on my blog too and it is driving me crazy!

    1. I use Mozilla Firefox as my web browser, and as far as I could figure out, there was some mal ware downloaded as a web extension. It’s been some time since I fixed this issue, and for the life of me, I’m not sure what I did now. I know I deleted an add-on that sounded fishy.