Here I am!

So, I hate having my picture taken. But I'm working on facing fears and trying new things, so here I am. This was taken at the Sacred Threads Exhibit, in front of my quilt. The exhibit is now over and I am eagerly awaiting the return of my quilt.

While trying to get a decent shot of myself, and by decent I mean I don't look enormously fat, pregnant, grumpy, red-faced or really awful, I learned that sometimes when I think I am wearing a cheerful face, I'm really not smiling much. Gotta work on that. I'd hate for folks to respond to me like I'm grouchy and unapproachable when I'm just a bit shy.

Now I've got to get to quilting. I finished my commissioned quilt with the tree and owl and the customer loved it. Now I've actually got a quilt to quilt for someone else, but I can't share it. Yes, I'm being mysterious....that's me; a woman of mystery. LOL: people who know me know that I'm pretty open and honest, so don't read too much into it. There's no book deal or anything going on. Though that would be fun!

I'll post pics of the tree quilt tomorrow hopefully.


  1. That is a lovely picture! You look friendly, open and fun!
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  2. YOU... are beautiful!!!! {tell yourself that more than anything else!} And why are you beautiful? CUZ GOD MADE YOU!!! xoxo

  3. looking good mama!

    I know what you mean about grumpy face. I've been working on that myself. I'm not a social butterfly in real life and I think my normal "I'm just standing here face" looks like of like "I hate you" to other people. Now I try to walk around with a big dumb grin all the time. That, of course, may not be working so well for me either. Did someone say loony bin?

  4. You look like a kind, caring woman with a gentle spirit, and shy smile. I had to go back through your past posts to see your quilt. Very nicely done! It has deep meaning in the quilting you have done. The design is beautiful. You have amazing talent.

  5. Thanks for posting your photo. I really like knowing what bloggers look like. Now I know you are a real person!
    I have caught glances of myself in a mirror or window and was surprised at my "stern" look. Now I try to put on a more cheerful face - hopefully it looks that way to others!