Spring Cleaning Quilter

 The beautiful pink blooms on my double flowering cherry tree are at their peak right now. It must be spring! Along with the fabulous weather (finally) and pollen induced sinus things, comes an urge to clean up, de-clutter, and organize. The kids are playing outside more, and as a homeschooling family, we are revving up to finish strong in a few months and preparing for next year's studies. Tax return time equals curriculum buying time here too, and  a homeschooling family sure can produce clutter!

Speaking of cherry blossoms, if you are a Janome user, did you know there are "cherry blossom bobbins"? They came out last year or so and I loved them so much I bought two sets. They're pink! The pink color helps me tell the figure out what type of thread is on the bobbin. I keep sewing threads on clear bobbins and quilting threads on the pink ones. The plastic on the genuine Janome bobbins is different from the generic bobbins I have bought from my Janome dealer. It seems to me the Janome bobbins work better in the bobbin case, spooling the thread more smoothly.

Back to spring cleaning:

Will you be my accountability partner? You will? Thanks so much! Because this mess has got to go!

On top of the table there's some prewashed fabrics for a few commissions I have that need ironing and put away until I work on the project. General clutter too that grows if I'm not using the space. (Egad! There's a bra right smack in the middle for all the world to see.) That lavender thing is my blocking board (foam insulation board) and I have no idea where to put it.

  My sewing room/area has moved or been re-purposed several times. The latest arrangement is mostly the same as my sewing space that I showed in a video of my sewing space and in the great Sewing Room Switcheroo post. The big change has been that the room is no longer used as my daughter's room or the kids' play room. Instead it now serves as our bedroom and sewing room. Now the kids are all upstairs and my daughter is in our old bedroom. And there's no changing table or diaper pail in it, a big plus. But there is a bed that calls my name sometimes....

Clutter, clutter!

The big chrome shelving unit that was shown in the video is now in the back room, and while I'm pretty open about stuff, I surely don't want to show you that mess.

Here's two shots of my sewing room when it was in our back room (below). The arrangement on the left came after the one on the right and was a vast improvement. I do miss having that window right at my machine. It was the best view in the house.

With the sewing space sharing a room with our bedroom, I promised the hubby that I would keep it a bit more tidy than before. But since doing Poured Out 2 and the doodled pillow for a wedding present, I haven't stitched a thing except the samples for the free motion couching foot review.

I've got a visitor coming on Thursday or Friday, so I think I'll try to show you some improvement by then. Hold me to it, ok? See you then.

Do you struggle with keeping your quilting space tidy? Seems like I have to choose between clean or stitch, until there's no room to work!


  1. You know, I fought with myself forever over keeping my space "clean". I'm pretty sure "clean" was only for other people. It doesn't bother me one little bit to have pieces of a project here and there and a few stacks of fabrics or utilities (batting, etc) in the corners. So now - no stress. I put away things that are damaged by sun or dust and leave everything else where it lies, until I move it. I do have to vacuum fairly frequently to deal with dog hair and other little messes, but I just vacuum around the pile! :)

    Follow me if you like:

    1. If I'm not careful, I run out of room to create! Thanks for visiting and especially for commenting.

  2. So I think you should paint the bottom of the lavender thing the same color as the ceiling and store it up there. It looks like just a piece of foam, right? A few little brackets and it would be out of the way and almost invisible. :)

    1. Good idea! Thanks. But I'm pretty sure the ceiling fan won't allow it. The thought does cause me to imagine a very funny picture featuring lavender chunks! :-)

  3. Don't know how I missed this post! Yes, Yes, YES!! You've seen pictures (and were even in) my sewing space. I vowed to never let it get that bad again. Sadly, I fell off the wagon. It is almost as bad as before. But with the quilting weekend in just one week ... no LESS than a week ... I have to get my tookis in gear. Long term ironing/cutting will be in there vs down where we will all be sewing. Only 6-7 women will be staying, the rest have decided to go home to sleep for various and assundry reasons. I'm cleaning with you!