Quilting Area Clean Up; Baby Steps!

Spring cleaning? Sigh....instead of accountability partners to cheer me on with cleaning up the quilting space, maybe I should have asked for volunteers! But life happens and I have resolved this year to stop listening to my own voice of negativity. (I also resolved to be more diligent, but that's another conversation.) Baby steps! It'll get done eventually.

It might have to do with potty training this little monkey above, or making tissue paper flowers with my beautiful and crafty girl. Or maybe the work of homeschooling her and her older brother. Or the great weather that has us outside a lot. And the remains of a nasty cold/flu.

 I did get the cutting/pressing/table space cleaned up. If you remember the picture from my original post on Spring Cleaning Quilter, you'll see that the table shrank. Had to happen, folks. The bigger table didn't quite fit and I found I was sliding it side to side when I was getting into my dresser and then sliding it back to go out the door. A cottage is not a big house. (BTW, the green is left over from a 'hillside' I had painted when the kids were using this room as a playroom. Repainting is on the never-ending to-do list.)

Speaking of needing space, I did cover my blocking board with a 100% poly batting from Quilter's Dream. It covers well, grips fabric when used as a design wall, and is pretty durable, plus nice and white.(Though not quite opaque enough to cover the lavender completely)  Below is the foam I use as a blocking board and it also works greats as a design wall you can pin into.

The space issue came up again as I was manhandling this 4 foot by 7 foot slab. I had to wrap the batting around the board while it rested on my bed. The whole time, I was chatting to myself about how "I love my small house, it is easy to clean; I love my house, it's cheap to heat and cool; I love being intentional about what I bring into my cute cottage..." You get the idea. I try not to say my house is too small because the hubby said it was too small when we were thinking of buying it!

I am pleased to report that duct tape sticks well to this insulation board and batting. I then put the blocking board up against my design wall, where it isn't as noticeable.

I have got to get the rest of the quilting area cleaned up as I have three commissioned sewing/quilting projects that I need to get cracking on and there are some weddings coming up that I'd like to make quilted gifts for. A tone-on-tone free motion quilted pillow or wall hanging makes a great wedding present. And stitching just makes for a much more attractive post than my laundry basket!

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