Trapunto Flower Design

This is a little project I started and discarded a while ago. I didn't like the echoing I did around the flower. And the pebbles? They're about the size of a pencil eraser or smaller. Time consuming! But I've kept it around as an example of faux trapunto. There's both a polyester and wool batting in this sample. I'm thinking of incorporating a similar flower in a new project.

I'd like to make a wedding gift for a couple who are getting married very soon and I need to get some sort of design figured out. Problem is, I don't know them very well. I know they aren't very traditional, but more so than the last couple who got a wedding gift made by me. I know they've got bedding with grey in it.

What to do, what to do? Visit Pinterest, I guess and look through my stash. Which is where I stumbled upon this old project. I do have a nice light grey solid that I'm planning to use. Maybe it's time to leaf through my Dover copyright free image books.

I hope to share the design with you soon!

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  1. LOL!! Now there's the difference between you and me. Your "discards" and "didn't likes" I'd be brandishing around like Olympic medals. Before I even read your article I LOVED the way you echoed the flower. Kudos on those pencil sized pebbles. They're awesome!