Quilting Area Clean Up!

I showed you I was making progress with cleaning up my sewing space, and now I have finally finished up my spring cleaning. Of the sewing space anyway!

Here are some of the before pictures:

 My sewing and crafting area is in my (and the hubby's) bedroom so it's a bit cramped, but it's a place where I can work somewhat uninterrupted. For a mom of  3 with the oldest being 8yrs. old anyway!
 And below are the after shots! I do still need to paint over that green! And look! I did laundry! Sigh....housework never ends. As I said in an earlier post, I had to switch out the big cutting/pressing table for this smaller one. But the important thing is that it's still at a good height for my back.
 I love my sewing counter area! My wonderfully handy hubby fixed it up for me. It utilizes what was a very awkward closet. I love how my machine sits flush with the surface; makes it so much easier to free motion quilt.
 My daughter drew a picture below and we put it above my nook. It says, "open" and her version of a quilting design!
 I think this is a perfectly normal amount of thread for a quilter, don't you? The fabric stash is a bit small, but that's because I have another area where I keep more fabric. It's another candidate for some purging and organizing. But I doubt I'll post before pictures!

I don't know why I let this mess pile up, because once I cleaned it, I started puttering around and finishing up a few 'loose ends' and getting ready to do some more work. I think sometimes I get overwhelmed by all there is to do, that I get paralyzed. But all it takes is a tiny step in the right direction and all sorts of good things happen.

To the left of my sewing nook is the design wall. I propped my batting encased blocking board in front of it. Not too pretty but it should work fine. Everyone has a pool noodle in their bedroom, don't they? It's for shipping my Poured Out 2 quilt to Sacred Threads, I'll roll the quilt around it (after I cover the foam with fabric).

Now to sit down and get to quilting! I think I'll share my now-cleaned space over at Nina Marie's Studio Spaces Blog Party!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love to see where people work. I often think that the work space shows a lot of thought and a lot of process. If you look at mine - you'll see my process is manic! Little bits of this and that pretty much everywhere. I wouldn't have it any other way though. :)