Monday, July 28, 2014

Free Motion Monday: Feathers, Week 4

It's the last Monday of the month and we're just about done with focusing on free motion quilting of feathers. I feel like we've barely scraped the tip of this design, but it's certain that feathers will show up frequently in my posts!

 Today I've got a few samples of feather variations to show you.

This first one is a fern feather. When I was still new to free motion quilting and first tried feathers, I couldn't get the tips just right, so I did quite a few of these instead. The plume shape is a simple echo of an open "S" shape. The bottom part of the feather is very similar to a regular feather, though there's no back tracking to worry about. Be careful not to pause too long at the tip with the machine still stitching, you'll end up with a knot at the tip.

Then there's this fancy feather. The right side is a variation on the hook feathers of last week. On the left side there are a variety of ways to dress up the inside of feather plumes. My favorite is the simple echo of the plume.

Finally, at least for this series, there's the molar feather. The dented plume is reminiscent of a molar tooth, hence the name. I haven't done many of theses, but it's not too shabby.

So, what feathery goodness do you have to share? Maybe you are new to feathers (or even FMQ) and you can show how you are progressing. Link up and share! Don't have a blog to link up? Go visiting instead.

Here are the link up guidelines:
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Next month I think I'll continue with the linky party, but it will be "quilter's choice". So you can share what ever free motion quilting you've been doing. This will be a great time to share additional work on a previous design from earlier Free Motion Mondays too.

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  1. I really enjoyed watching this series on feathers. I am a beginner and it is good for me to see that even experienced people have off days!