Weekend Quilting Wonder

Just in case you've got a little extra downtime this weekend and are online looking for quilty inspiration:

Free motion quilting sites for domestic sewing machines seem to be a bit filler heavy, so if you want some great ideas on how to quilt your pieced quilts, look to the long arm quilters! Here are some talented ones:

Bethanne Nemish at White Arbor Quilting does amazing work on all types of quilts. See her quilting gallery and also her own show quilts.

It seems I'm especially fond of quilters with 3 children, as are the 3 following quilters- especially if quilting was a sanity aid during the younger years!

Margaret Gunn is doing ruler work and McTavishing in this quilt. Here's some beautiful work on a customer's Washington Medallion.

One of my blog readers is an excellent long arm quilter for hire: Michelle at Mmm Quilts.

Angela Huffman of Quilted Joy is an overachiever. Not only is she a fabulous long arm quilter, business woman, hosting quilting classes by Karen McTavish, but she had her three kids all at once!

Me? I'm not doing much quilting right now, just some necessary paper pushing, organizing, and cleaning done. But I'll be working on July's Free Motion Monday series on feathers over the weekend.

Now there's some serious eye candy to be seen from all over at Quilt Inspiration!

LuAnn Kessi's Sketchbook is always full of ideas and fun.

Now, just because I featured some long arm quilters, do not think you need a long arm to create your own beautiful quilts! As domestic machine or sit-down long arm quilters, one of our strengths is the intricate detailed work we can do. But this can be a weakness when it comes to bed quilts as we can get too dense with fillers. So enjoy these sites and get some quilting in this weekend.

Today is the celebration of America's Independence Day, and we're having a cookout on my wonderful porch, followed by fireworks out at the lake. Happy Fourth of July!

PS- Make sure to respect the various sites' wishes when it comes to their images.


  1. OR, follow my blog: http://doraquilts.blogspot.com
    Not a lot of fillers on my blog, but lots of feathery goodness.

  2. I enjoy your blog ancd follow you daily. My FMQ is at a minimum, but i keep practicing. Do better with the walking foot. Thanks Sandi

  3. I'll have to check out some of the new links.........thanks and I hope your 4th, and weekend, is/are awesome!!!!!!

  4. Happy 4th love your blogs .learned alot thanks sue

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