Peek into a Project in the Works

Taking a short break from my usual free motion quilting in order to put something a little encouraging for the shop where I work. Here's a peek....

Sorry, couldn't help myself! This is to go near the area where we take in machines to service or repair. It'll be another day or so until I get it all fused up and stitched down. You can figure out what it says even though it's backwards, right?

I tried a different pair of scissors to cut out the letters and I really liked them. Someone gave me the pair in the middle for trimming threads, but I am way too fond of the double curved scissors with their retractable holder for cutting threads (on right). I usually use the scissors on the left for cutting appliques out, even though they tire my hands out.

But the spring loaded pair worked beautifully for cutting the letters out and the spring action made it much easier on the hands. I think I'll be using them from now on! They're from Fiskars.


  1. Those in the center are, and have been, my 'go to' scissors for so many tasks and cutting out appliques is definitely one of them. The tips are so fine and sharp plus that spring does keep it from being so hard on the hands. I have 2 pair and probably could use a 3rd!!!

  2. I love the Fiskars spring loaded ones. I have a large pair for general fabric cutting too. I think I have about 3 pair of these smaller ones. I ♥ them!

  3. My local quilt shop all have that same saying on the backs of their shirts and the shop logo/name on the front. I think it's perfect for the repair area!

  4. Cute:) I could use some of that now. Tension nightmares!