Free Motion Monday Quilting Adventure: Feathers

It's a new month which means there's a new focus for the weekly link party here for free motion quilting. I'm excited and a bit scared to showcase feathers for July.

how to free motion quilt feathers

There is so much diversity in styles and teaching of this much-loved design that I'm not sure I can do it justice!

I'm going to start us off with a video overview of feathers. I just don't know that I can put into written word all the variations and methods of making feathers. Below is an older video on me making a feather.

One thing I do know is that there should be a lot of participation from all of you in this linky this month. Most of us have done feathers in our quilts or aspire to do them, so share with us all. If you are new to feathers, or even to free motion quilting, the best advice I can give you is to practice, practice, practice and to doodle quilting designs as much as possible.

I'm finishing off my grid-based design sampler with feathers. Insanely small feathers. Yes, that is a pin for scale.

 My favorite feathers that I've stitched so far in my quilty life are either the feathers on the farm quilt or the feathers in the waves of my Poured Out 2 quilt.

Next week I'll be posting stitched out versions of the feathers in the above video and possibly some video of that work. I am so glad I can stitch them better than I can draw them! It took 5 takes before I was satisfied with the above video. I rarely re-shoot video, so that's saying something!

This post was once part of a link party that has long ended and is no longer available. But you can visit the month long series.

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  1. Beautiful feathers, Amy. I love the feathers in your waves too.

  2. Great information. I'm new to FMQing and have only tried feathers on sample sandwiches a few times. I'm getting so excited and can't wait until I feel the confidence to do my first quilt!! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Keep practicing, but in my experience the confidence comes AFTER you do that first quilt! Set out on your own quilting adventure!

  3. Your paper drawings & explanation of the different feathers is a real help. I have to do a lot of "drawing" because I have a tendancy to forget what direction to go until it comes naturally. Thanks for your tutorials & lessons.

    1. That's exactly why drawing can be so helpful: so you learn where and how to go! You'll better and better with every practice session.

  4. Hi Amy,

    I have posted a Fabulous Feathers on my blog to participate in your link party. I have done this in the past, but for some reason link won't allow my images to download. You can view my post here:
    LuAnn Kessi

  5. Just me again Amy……it is working now. I can see my quilt image included in your link party.
    Many Thanks,

  6. I am excited for feathers. I hope I can make time to practice this month. July is crazy!

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