Quilty Day of Rest

I mentioned last week that my oldest child had been sick. The other kids and I have been hit with  various levels of winter yuck, but thankfully none of us required a trip to the doctor. Last week I was in denial as I prepared for 2 days at the shop working for our Christmas open house.

A box of 'candy' for a thread obsessed quilter!
 One of the new things we got into the shop in time for the event was Glide thread. I am so tickled to now have a source of this yummy thread so close to hand. (Hmmm...guess whose idea it was to get carry this thread?) Opening the box reminded me of getting one of those Whitman chocolate boxes; there was a foam sheet over the entire box, keeping each color snuggled in its place.

Yesterday, I finally admitted defeat and so began a nice lazy day of rest, trying to make the best of feeling yucky.

I got out a few magazines that I had bought and hadn't had a chance to read. Mainly, I drooled over the pictures of the award winning quilts in the magazine for AQS. So much beautiful quilty goodness!

I also downloaded the Craftsy app so I could watch my latest classes on my Android tablet while lazing about in bed. I bought 2 machine embroidery classes as I need to demo the embroidery machines at the shop. I want to be as prepared as possible.

A pressing board works as a mouse pad...

When lazing about made me feel just outright lazy, I puttered about in my sewing space. I rearranged it recently to try to take better advantage of the natural light. I'm still not sure I'm ready to show you much of it.

Look at all that light!

I'm hoping this new set up will allow me to get better pictures and videos to share with you. Looking at my pictures, I feel like I ought to 'prettify' my studio. That's what some down-time gets you- even more project ideas!

I hope you've been having a good weekend and are healthy and hopefully doing something quilty!

Now, there's a bed calling my name!


  1. Yep, Glide quilts great. Just be aware it can come loose inside the quilt if you don't secure the ends really well. Got a great stock of Omni if you want to try some:)

  2. Sorry your not 100%. Your space is looking great.