Life Long Learning

I wasn't really planning on posting today as the whole family is home and that hasn't been happening enough lately. Saturday is now "Cleaning Day" too since I've been working more. The kids are older too, so I feel like they can help more too. Let's face it, most of the mess is theirs anyway!

I worked extra at Sew Simple this week since the owner had the flu. I brought a little helper with me.
 We always do the general cleaning up and then we tackle an organizational project or home improvement project either together or individually. Today I am working on a bookshelf and trying to find a home for my overflow of quilting and sewing books.

Bin of extra books.

Yes, these are the overflow! You should see how many books and magazines I have on quilting. There's so much interesting stuff out there. Plus I now have a lot of blogging and business books too. There's always something more to learn!

Speaking of learning and the reason I'm posting today, is that Craftsy is having a big Christmas sale through Christmas. If you've been waiting for one of their sales to get more of their fabulous classes, now's the time. All classes are now $19.99 or less. Don't forget, you can buy classes for others as a gift and once you've bought a class, it's yours forever. You can go back and re-watch as much as you want.

I have two classes on my wishlist that I am going to buy: How to Teach It and In the Hoop Gifts, with Sue O'Very. I can always learn how to teach my students better (This class is in the knitting section though it's about teaching all crafts, not just knitting.)  and I want to be able to use the embroidery machines at work better to show their capabilities better and in-the-hoop projects are hot right now, not to mention a lot of fun.

Did you know that you can watch all the QuiltCon lectures for free on Craftsy? You can! Lesson 2 in the series is about taking better pictures of your quilts. A must see. Guess who is working on better pics for her blog and will be getting a new camera for Christmas? Not that it's a Christmas present; I worked hard for the funds to buy it, and my blog contributed to the fund. So a big THANK YOU!

I love my Craftsy classes! They fit my schedule and are well done. Sometimes there are bits that I want to skip over as I don't have a lot of time, so I can use the 2x button to speed things up. It makes the teachers sound a bit like chipmunks, but it's like speed reading for video. (It can be extra entertaining too.) The above links are affiliate links and they help support all the time I put into this blog.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and finishing up your holiday preparations.


  1. Now that is what I call a real Cutie!!!!

    1. Thank you. He was so good for me all day at the shop. He's my baby and is a real charmer.