Real Life Quilting Studio

I thought I'd try something new, a video post! I did this very spontaneously just to see if it could be done. A few minutes of footage of what my wreck of a quilting space looks like right now. I think it came out fairly well, considering. Though I had to upload it through Youtube instead of Blogger.

I keep getting sucked into the computer instead of stitching or even blogging, and certainly instead of cleaning. Just keeping it real, no photo styling here!

I think I've written about using a timer before. I use one on my cheapo Trac phone. It actually has quite a few useful tools on it. Good thing since I won't be getting a Smartphone or anything similar anytime soon. It works for me. Too bad it has a snooze alarm! I have got to get more diligent in how I get my work done or else, well, no work gets done!

I hope you enjoy the video. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you thought of it. I think my voice sounded good. Not the audio quality, but just the sound of it. Because if I sounded weird, it would have ended my video production.


  1. Your quilting space looks an awful lot like mine - although I don't have Thomas the tank engine - my kids are older. Nice video quality!

    1. Thank you for commenting! It's good to know the quality is good for others. I went to show it to my hubby last night and it was quite jerky and I was disappointed until I realized he had a youtube video going on his computer and the kids were playing a game online and it was just too much for our connection.

      I like to think the clutter and multiple projects are just signs of a creative mind!

  2. Last night I was so going to do something creative. I left dinner to my family and spent 3 hours on the Fil Tec Bobbin Central site. I completed my order....and that's about all.