I'm watching a video on procrastination right now as I write. So that I don't feel like I'm procrastinating while I learn about overcoming procrastination, I thought I'd post the video here.

One line that made me laugh out loud was that beating one's self up or self-chastising over procrastinating is just another form of procrastination!

In my quilting world, I am queen of procrastination! Now, with 3 kids at home all day, I have plenty of interruptions and other responsibilities to tend to. But last night I started stitching up a new apron because I have been invited to a Pampered Chef party to which we are to wear our cutest apron.

Still haven't finished the drawing for my new Poured Out quilt. Sigh.... Oh look! This series on procrastination has 3 more parts. Think I'll go procrastinate some more!

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