Free Motion Quilting Play: White on White

 I saw a picture on Pinterest a few weeks ago and what caught my eye was not really the purse that was being offered for sale, but the backdrop behind the purse. It was an all over quilting pattern done in white thread on white fabric.

I love doing a real free, free-motion piece like that. It's great practice and I needed a background for a few small items I want to photograph. I went to our LQS for a Sit-n-Sew time and took my sandwich with me to work on. Drew a large oval on it and commenced to feathering around it with noting else marked.

After I finished the feathers, I did whatever fill I wanted to until I got bored with it and then switched to a new fill. Fun!
 Then I decided to work on some geometric fills so I got out my grid stencil and trusty blue pen. I'd have rather used a pounce pad to mark, but I only have white pounce powder. If I am diligent and can stay focused --SQUIRREL!-- I will have a shot of the finished geometrics for you in a few days.

Here's another shot of it so far. I've already used it for a backdrop once and it worked great. I find this kind of practice to be so fun! You should give it a whirl!

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