Blasted Bobbin!

Or maybe I should title this post, "May your bobbin always be full". I think there's a blog of that name somewhere....

Maybe I should have gotten a fancier machine with a 'low bobbin indicator' as much as I find out I've stitched a long seam without bobbin thread. I will look on the brighter side and remind myself that it's easier to re-sew than it is to rip and then resew. Not that I do much of that......bwahaha! Seems like the more I sew, the more I rip.


Looky there! Another project. This is for a demo for my quilt group tonight. Karin Hellaby's method of making pinwheels.
Ta dah!

Fun! Not sure what I'll do with it yet. I'd make it into a pillow for my daughter, but she hasn't quite learned how to take care of the sewn stuff I give her. Most of it ends up on the floor where it gets trampled upon. Sigh....

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  1. Squirrel! Oh boy, do I ever... they drive me almost as crazy as the real ones do with the pups! lol. Always. LOVE the pinwheel!!! Make it into your pillow {and save it} {or sell it!}