Here a Project, There a Project...

Totally distracted; that's me!

I finished my sample quilting and ordered the thread I want to use. Now I need to finish the drawing to size and make a pattern. The female figure in the quilt has been really hard. I am not much of a drawer and drawing hands is really hard! If drawn her 5 times so far and I've just about got it.

Now I have wandered to another project. It's a mini quilt to use as a background for a graphic I'm putting together.

I did finish my rainy days quilt and bound it using my machine technique with poly monofilament thread. I figure using it on the couch with my three kids will definitely give it a good test of how it holds up.

Today is a rainy miserable day and I am a bit under the weather, so maybe I can get some pictures taken tomorrow and posted soon.

Got to quilt!

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