Leslie at Marveles Art Studios has totally inspired me in so many ways with her quilty, crafty goodness. She is one talented lady, best best of all is she is an encourager! So this post is for her. Leslie has turned me onto sunprinting with Setacolor paints and while I have bought them, I haven't quite done it yet, mainly I want to give it a go without the kiddos around first. But we have managed to do some sun printing with special paper last week. Please ignore the neglected garden beds and the 'free' Craigslist boat in the background. Sigh....

The special paper worked like magic right before the kids' eyes, but you also had to rinse it and let it dry after printing which was a bit of a pain. We also used some black construction paper to print which worked fine but a little slow for the kids.

We used some flower shaped foam stickers, redbud leaves for hearts, maple and hemlock leaves too. As the sun hit the sunprinting paper, the exposed paper turned white and the shaded portion stayed blue, but when it was rinsed, the colors reversed which was surprising.

And below is the new wall quilt or table runner for the shop. I am really itching to quilt this! I even have some ribbon yarn that I might try to free motion couch on this too.

Obviously still in the beginning stages. I used my Sizzix to cut the flower centers and petals. To the left are four floral postcards or miniquilts for the shop.

I am trying to keep my blog focused on quilting, but I have to share this bit of craftiness below that I did for the kids. A door on one of our maple trees! The kids aren't fooled that there really are fairies or anything but it sure helps fuel the imagination.

And Irene followed behind our earthquake and brought some much needed rain so everything is really looking nice again outside. We are too far inland to get more than some wind and rain thank goodness!

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  1. Oh gosh, it looked like it was a great time! All of it... the kids, the wallhanging, the postcards, and the 'fairytale' scene in the yard look wonderful! I love how you are helping them become imaginative individuals! Hoorah! I enjoyed it tremendously!