Tree Quilt

Anothe wall quilt for the shop. This first shot is of the striped binding that I finished by machine with Monofilament! This was the first time I tried monofilament and it worked beautifully! The background is natural linen and while it was a bit fiddly, trying to keep the grain lines from getting out of whack, I love the look.

The leaves were cut with my Sizzix. I should have placed them closer together I think. Other than that and figuring out a better way to handle all the thread ends for each leaf, I love this one. I usually knot and bury all ends, but on this the amount got overwhelming, so I secured the stiches with backstitching and/or tiny stitches, and then cut the ends, but I fear the trilobal poly threads will come undone.

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  1. Your works are beautiful!!! I have this sizzix die to. I'll try to do something similar (but definitely not so good). Ciao from Italy