Humble Pie on a Quilt

I am eating humble pie today and it doesn't taste good.

The very day after giving a talk to my local quilt group about some of my time-saving techniques and especially how I've been finishing some of my binding with machine stitching and getting great results, I sew the binding to the wrong side of my quilt for the technique I use and the easiest way to fix it is to give up and finish it by hand.

And as I showed a few of my quilts around, I got very good remarks from one of the newer ladies and she sounded very knowledgeable about quilting so I asked when she might bring in some of her work. She had a cheshire cat grin on her face and responded very kindly but she definitely wasn't too keen on showing off. Later someone mentioned that she did pretty well at the machine quilting class and that she supposedly had done some quilt judging before. So I was intrigued and looked her up on Google and found enough info to realize I had just done the equivalent of showing a crayon drawing to Michelangelo and saying, "Look what I can do!".

She's new to the area and I don't think anyone really knows her or her background so I'm not a complete idiot, but I feel foolish. She was very complimentary though so maybe I'm not too bad. I really hope I can talk her into being a mentor or at least offer some critique of my work because I really need a mentor and it doesn't look like anyone else in the group has much experience.

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