Goodies in the Mail

Look what came in the mail today! These paints and things were so much more fun than the other thing that came today; math curriculum. Craftiness tempered by reality. Which is as it should be I suppose since my creating side wars with my homeschooling mom side at times. Don't get me wrong, teaching my kids at home is going great. The education part is fabulous, but the being with them 24/7 sometimes drives me batty. Then I see the neighbor kid gone to school for nearly 8hrs plus an hour or more of homework and I either crave the free time for me or feel glad that my kids aren't part of that system depending on the day I've had.

So I look for opportunities to combine my creativity with the schooling! Sun printing with Setacolor? Oh yes! But first I have to finish this boy baby quilt for the shop. Boring.

It's half way done. And then I get to play with these wonderful things.

Lumiere and Setacolor paints, Iridescent Paintstiks and linoleum blocks for stamp making. Well, I won't get to play with the linoleum blocks yet as I apparently did something wrong at the computer and the cutter tools didn't get ordered. I wasn't sure what kind of blocks to order (should have gone back to some of my favorite blogs to see what they use) so I'm not sure I'll like these. They seem very hard and the particle wood that they're stuck to is dusty and crumbly. But you never know until you try.

And here's my latest crafty effort for the kids; a fairy or animal house door in one of the maples in our front yard. It's just glued on but it turned out fabulously.

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