Living the Quilting Life Vicariously

People have been doing a lot of quilt show related travel lately and I get to watch it all through the wonders of the internet.....sigh.....

Last week was Quilt Market, the trade show for the quilt industry. The movers and shakers, the teachers and designers, the sellers and the buyers were all over Minneapolis and my news feed and Instagram.

Christa shared all the fun she was having on IG, lucky (hard working) girl!

Before that was Quilt Week in Paducah. My AQ magazine arrived so now I can drool over all of the prize winning quilts.

Next year, I solemnly swear, I will go to Paducah. I really ought to swear I shall enter a quilt into the show, but maybe I don't quite want to commit to that publicly.

I learned Friday that I can't enter our local quilt show as I'm not a member of the right Quilt Guild. I had thought they had a joint show with the guild I joined, but apparently not.

I am really thankful that I was able to attend the Lancaster Quilt Show (AQS Quilt Week) and it was the biggest show I've attended so far. But I sure have a hankering to get out and see some of these other shows. I'd love to go to the big machine quilting shows too.

I think I just might be suffering from a case of cabin fever. I had a sick kid this week and I wasn't feeling to hot either. I haven't left the house since Saturday!

Do you long to travel to these shows? Or do you make a point to go to them? Quilt market is really just for those 'in the biz' and I'm not really there yet. I could go as a representative of the shop I work at or as a quilt blogger, but I don't really have a true need to go.

I guess I should actually finish a show quality quilt if I want to make a priority of going to these shows, right? Finish, Amy!


  1. yes, Amy you should enter one of your marvelous works (or more) in some shows. That gives you the motivation to get your derriere over to the show!

  2. I can totally relate to your show/event dilemma!!! I live a mere 150 miles south of Mpls and just didn't get my creds(?) in order to satisfy the current admission requirements (new this year!). Along with that, I've been under some "pressure" to get some of my finishes in to the Paducah show! Haven't gotten 'round to that (I think it's really an avoidance issue........fear of "failure"??...oh, pooh!!!! LOL!). Have a great rest-of-the-week and Mem. Day weekend!!!!!!!

  3. If you go, I will enjoy your pictures and stories. I'm not rich and I live on the west coast so I don't get to a lot of shows; let alone any in the east. I would love to, however.
    Yes, I understand the 'cabin fever' thing!

  4. Enter-that is a command! You enter and if you get in, whoopie, if not, okay. The "Rule" is that if you're not getting declined from 50% of the shows you enter, you're not entering enough! Houston really is worth the time and money-It.Is.Amazing. I've had a quilt visit Paducah (and you can too if you ENTER!) but haven't made it myself...yet.

  5. It's a bit difficult from here in Australia tho I did get to Houston in 2008. Trying for Paducah next year. We are small fry over here compared to the US but we certainly feel like we're there with all the on line posts.

  6. Paducah is a definitely should be on your bucket list. My husband took me in 2012 and I took my sister in 2014. The quilts are so wonderful. What a wonderful experience. The entire city goes all out for the show. If you are going, you need to book a hotel about a year in advance...

  7. I've attended three major quilt shows. The first one was in Nashville, then Chicago and then twice to Paducah. I can say this, once you have been to one of these major shows, it is so hard to attend the local ones. At least it was for me. The beauty and diversity of the larger shows makes you hunger for more. And YES you should enter Paducah's show. My next quilt show goal is Houston in October. That would be the crowning accomplishment to my quilt show history.