Free Motion Quilting Fun: Graffiti Quilting

I finished up this little encouraging free motion quilting practice piece yesterday. It feels so good to have another project finished!

Free motion quilting design graffiti style

I tried to incorporate some elements of Karlee Porter's Graffiti Quilting as I quilted. It was fun and I like the extra impact of using another color.

Graffiti free motion quilting design

This was quilted on my Janome 3160, my smaller machine. It has a low shank and I'm going to be giving it a try with more ruler work as low shank machines have clearance issues behind the foot with thicker rulers. I want to see how much this impacts my ability to use my bigger rulers on this machine. Behind the foot isn't a commonly used spot for me unless I'm using an enclosed or inside shape.

quilt stretched over canvas

I love doing these little pieces and finishing them by stretching them over an artist's canvas. A line of serging around the edge and a bunch of staples and I'm done.

I shot a video of the quilting on this piece and I'm speeding it up for another speed quilting vid before releasing it on Youtube. That will post soon.


  1. This is so perfect! It is inspiring me to go create my own version. I love the idea of stretching it on a frame for the wall.

  2. What a great piece, Amy! Your skills at FMQ just shine with this piece. As much as I adore this kind of quilting, it does give me pause to think that such dense quilting isn't appropriate for every piece. Yours is perfect for this purpose, but as I'm sure you do too, I can't put that much quilting into a large quilt. In fact, I'm struggling to quilt a big quilt right now. It's not because of the size, but because of the design. I have lots of sampler-type blocks, on point, floating on a solid background. It's been tough to decide what to quilt because I don't want to fill the whole thing with dense quilting. I'm realizing that sometimes I have to step back and decide that less is less, and that's the way it should be.

    1. Yep, I would never do this density on something meant to warm and cuddle someone. But it is fun practice. Deciding what to quilt is always the hardest part for me.

  3. Turned out really nice. Thanks for sharing.