A Sampler for Free Motion Ruler Work

We interrupt this blog for something completely different! I'm cutting up small squares and triangles. I know, that's not too different for a quilting blog, but it's pretty different for me.

I'm all about the quilting, so my projects tend to be wholecloth, semi-wholecloth, applique, and not much to the piecing. There's also a lot of quilting up samples on fabric for the blog too. When I do a customer quilt (which I'm backing away from- just too busy), they're usually pieced and appliqued. So I get plenty of time to work on pieced quilts, but I don't get to keep them.

I need a couple of quilts to show my ruler work and so that means it's time to make some quilts. I'm using Natalia Bonner's free block tutorials at www.pieceandquilt.com to make up a sampler quilt. She's a fabulous quilter and has just come out with a new book: Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts but she's also got other books on free motion quilting.

There's another reason for me to piece up some quilts....I'd say my accuracy needs work. As much as I preach practicing for free motion quilting, you know I need some piecing practice. Besides that, I know that most of you are piecing up your own quilts and I want to make sure I am doing and showing quilting designs that look great in pieced quilts. I love doing my fun, dense fillers, but that's not useful for something warm and cuddly.

Clearly, my husband isn't used to this piecing activity; he just passed by with a perplexed look at my blue fabric and said, "What happened to the white fabric you were just using?"

So I'm starching and pressing, measuring and cutting. Hopefully soon I'll be sewing a lovely 1/4 inch seam. (I hope!) I'm sure there will be some ripping involves and perhaps a tiny bit of swearing. But keeping my word of the year in mind, I will finish!


  1. Hah! We are complete opposites. I think I have piecing under control and am really trying to build my FMQ skills on my recent purchase of a Handiquilter Sweet Sixteen. I just finished a ruler work quilt and will post on it once it is bound so I look forward to seeing you post on the ruler FMQ topic.

  2. Natalia's awesome. Don't know how she finds the time! She recently did a quilt for me and it's incredible. Her new book is at the top of my wish list. Good luck with your piecing, and thank you for being so inspirational as I tackle my new challenge...to FMQ!

  3. Have fun piecing! I'm sure in no time at all you'll have that 1/4 inch seam down pat. Of course you may also be using 'ripper' a little more than you want...lol