I am absolutely dying to start sewing on my new Janome 8200! But my handy hubby is working on my table so it can be sunk level with the table's surface.

I didn't get an extension table with this machine, knowing that most of the time it will be in my table so I don't want to try any FMQ on it until I've got the smooth, stable, large flat space that I recommend for great free motion quilting.

I figure this is a good time to share the progress I've made on my silk whole cloth quilt.

silk whole cloth machine quilting

Above is the back. It looks so much better without seeing all the blue markings!

free motion quilting whole cloth

Then the front. Still so much to do. There's a lot of poof to manage as I quilt this. It's fairly common for a show quilt to have a double batting for a faux trapunto look, but I may have over done it.

McTavishing detail

I really love these McTavish-y swirls right here, above.

My whimsical fan-tailed dove (above). I wanted to balance the right side's leaf and curl without duplicating it on the left side.

My husband has finished my table as I wrote this post, so now I can put my new machine (Janome 8200) through its paces. I will definitely do some practice pieces or other projects before I put this silk underneath it.

I'm going to share an update to my DIY sewing table soon as we found a great way to fit around all the nooks and crannies of a sewing machine without having to be a whiz with a jig saw.

There's no doubt that I'm excited about my machine and projects. I hope that you have sewing projects that you're working on that excite you as well.


  1. Wow Amy - that is looking great! Very clever about your DIY sewing table - I would love to know more about it. Enjoy your new machine!

  2. Amy this is so beautiful....your design is just stunning! blessings, marlene

  3. Amy, the design is beautiful. Reminds me of William Morris designs. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  4. What fun you are having with this project! Excellent job. And have fun with your new machine, too!

  5. Boy, that is stunningly beautiful! I really like the effect of the bird's tail balancing the leaf on the other side.