Friday Ramblings

This week has been one of my least productive in a while. It snowed here in Virginia on Monday. We got all of 6 inches here, and since Virginia is considered part of "The South" everybody lost their minds. They closed school for the entire county for the entire week! The roads have been good since Wednesday morning, but they must find it more cost effective to not be prepared for our sporadic winter weather.

I did manage to finish a small customer project and move on to a new project. I thought I was all set to start quilting today, but I just can't decide on threads. It's another one of my word art wall pieces, but this will be much, much bigger.

My thread audition.

It involves rulers too and you can see it at Lancaster in a few weeks, so I've got to get cracking on it!

A few thoughts to share:

You can never have enough thread. Really. Never.

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I got my new camera mount in the mail today! I am so excited to be able to use my new camera for videos to share with you and this thing is going to really help.

I hope to share this project with you soon.


  1. I've enjoyed your two "finish" quilts and look forward to this one, too. Enjoy choosing thread.

  2. I totally get them closing things down for just 6" when they don't have the army of plows and budgeted, stockpiled sand/salt to service all the roads. But - a WHOLE week? That part is super, super strange!

  3. I live in snow country, we get 12-15 feet each winter up here. Ice under snow covered roads can be hazardous for those that don't have experience driving in it. The precaution they took probably save some lives. Amy, I am really looking forward to seeing your newest project reveal itself. Have fun with it.

  4. True story: you never can have too many threads! I totally agree. Have fun figuring out which ones to use. I'm sure it will be fabulous!