A Sunday Ramble

Just a little hodge-podge of news this Sunday.

I've been free motion quilting on my Janome 8200 this weekend. It's quilting fabulously and quietly. I've left the thread tension on automatic for most of my quilting, but then I switched to using Sulky cotton Blendable in 30 weight paired with a regular sewing thread. That seemed to be a smidge off on the auto tension, so I switched to manual tension.

free motion quilting with text

 I'm not using old photos, a quilting customer of mine saw my word of the year, "Finish" and emailed to see if I'd sell it or recreate it. So I made another one. I'm using my ruler foot from Janome while I free motion, not because this piece has any ruler work, but because I had been playing with some new rulers from Top Anchor Quilting Tools earlier.

I wanted to shoot a video of the quilting in process, but it turns out that my new camera is just too heavy for my flexible camera mount. I found a different one and hope to be back in video making mode within a week or two.

I am really liking my Janome 8200 and will do a full review soon. It lacks one feature that my 6600 had: a resume feature. The resume function allows the machine to power on at the same stitch settings as it had when it was turned off. You might not know the 6600 had this feature unless you read your manual carefully.

Wouldn't you know it? Less than 2 weeks after buying my 8200 Janome has come out with an 'improved' version which has this feature! Darn it. My dealer would allow me to return this one and get the new version except that the new version won't be available until at least May. I don't want to be without the 8200 until then. The new version is also supposed to have a faster motor (though I think the current one is fine.) and a few more stitches. The new version also has a pretty light blue face plate. I'm really content with what I have, other than that resume feature.

If you are thinking about the 8200 or 8900, you might be able to get a better deal now on the original versions, or you might want to wait to get the new versions.

I did some serging this weekend too. One of the drawbacks to sergers is making sure you have enough cones of thread in the right colors, especially if using all 4 threads. Do you guys know this handy trick?

You glue a bobbin to an empty spool and then you can divide one spool into two or more smaller spools depending on the size of the project. It worked like a charm.

Monday is the last day to take advantage on great deals with Craftsy! All classes are 50% off.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend and are staying warm if you are in the northern hemisphere. We got a dusting of snow last night which was mostly gone by morning but it was very cold for February in Virginia this morning. It was 12 degrees F when I woke up. My parents came back from their RV trip to Florida after 6 weeks to get the coldest weather we've had all winter.


  1. You do beautiful work!

  2. That bobbin to spool glue trick is really clever! Thanks for sharing.

  3. ooo! I'm glad I scrolled back to surf your latest posts - I did not know that trick about thread for serger work. Thanks! Pinned for sure. :)