Video: Machine Stitching Applique

I did a lot of applique stitching lately and I managed to get a little, poorly done, but funny video of some of it. Just watch. Hubby says he can't believe I didn't reshoot it, but I had a cold and didn't feel like it. Besides, I'm "just keepin' it real"!

There are days that I do wish that I did more piecing. Like when I'm squaring up a top that is nearly a whole cloth. Especially if it's big. Make me feel a bit like a dog, chasing its own tail. What would I do without a gridded (vinyl tile) kitchen floor?

My cold is nearly gone and I'm feeling much better! I'm linking this post with Connie's Free Motion by the River Linky Tuesday. Go see what everybody is sharing.


  1. Anyway, I have a cold too. Seems to be slowing me down. Anyway, I should try a bit more sleep too. Anyway. :)

    1. It took me until the second ‘anyway’ to get what you were doing!Lol! Anyway, thanks and may we both regain our well-rested brains with our health.

  2. Loved that little video! I'm taking my first class on machine quilting tomorrow night and I'm really looking forward to it. I have a snow day today and plan to browse your site!