Free Motion Quilting Video: Easy Designs

Another free motion quilting video for you. This one has some of the designs I teach in my classes for beginners, loops, leaves, hearts, insects with loops, and flowers.

Loops are so versatile! Make them big, small, or inbetween. Ot's a good design for checking tension and making sure your hands aren't going too fast in the curves, which can throw off your tension and also make your stitches bigger.

Free Motion quilting loops

Then we add leaves to the loops! This makes a nice random viney thing that you can do in any size. You can also work it in a less random fashion to make a border or sashing design.

free motion quilting loops and lines

Quilts are an expression of love, so hearts are a natural shape to add to the loops! Just like the many forms of love, there are many ways to make hearts. I guess I would call the hearts below three seperate types, made from the top, from the bottom, and through the middle.

free motion quilting hearts and loops

Then there are flowers and insects looping around in my stitches! As with the hearts, there are many ways to make flowers and bugs when making free motion quilting designs and they work so well with loops to move around a quilt. A great design for kids' quilts.

free motion quilting design flowers, bugs, and loops

All of theses designs have been stitched up pretty small, but you can stitch them in whatever size you desire. I wouldn't make the loops any bigger than what could fit between my hands around the needle though. You don't want to have to reposition your hands mid-loop!

It's been a dreary day here in Virginia, but I'm getting a bunch of stuff done here in the house. Alas, not as much quilting as I'd like. But there's still another hour of quiet time left so I will be stitching away soon!

PS- Craftsy is having a sale on supplies and project kits right now!


  1. Absolutely love them!!! Will have to go try a few before Hubby gets home from work...

  2. Great beginner combos!!!!! Definitely a skill....and confidence.....builder!!!!

  3. Wow! Beautiful! And amazing! You are a great quilter and theacher! Thank's! Have a nice day!