Blue Bobbins and Short Feet

 I am passionate about free motion quilting and as such, I am also very focused on a well-running machine, quality thread, good needles, and all that makes for a great quilting project. This extends to my bobbins.

Generic on left, Janome in center and right.

 I am particular about my bobbins. In my post, May Your Bobbins be Smooth, I showed you these pics which show a difference in bobbins. I have found that Janome bobbins don't have any noticible improvement when used with a bobbin washer (Little Magic Bobbin Genies ), but the generics definitely improve with it.

I prefer Janome Bobbins . Look for the J.
Bobbins are like the bras of the sewing machine. (I know, just run with me on this....) Without a good bra, nothing else looks as good as it could. Buy a quality thread and stick it on a generic bobbin with a snag and you'll have all kinds of problems. Wind it all snarly and things will bunch up. Put a metal bobbin in a machine designed for plastic bobbins and it may run ok, but it will dig in and hurt your bobbin case. Not to mention if it is the wrong size!

blue bobbins

You'd be surprised how many machines come into the shop with the wrong bobbin in them and how putting the right bobbin improves things dramatically!

I also have a thing for threads and keeping my threads orderly, so when Janome came out with their Cherry Blossom Bobbins a few years ago, I jumped up and bought 3 sets. You can imagine my joy when Janome Blue Bobbins became available! I got a box this week and they make me happy.

Basic sewing thread stays on my regular bobbins but I use the pink ones for my quilting threads. I have several types of quilting threads, so I can now divide them up further.

I also got this Applique Foot F for stitching applique. It is a much shorter foot than most, to make it easier to turn around applique. Only the front portion rests on the project. I love machine applique, so I'm glad to have another helpful tool in my toolbox!

 Janome F foot

 It snaps on the regular snap on foot "ankle", but that back pin goes over the back of the ankle and the foot sits more solid that other snap on feet.

I had all my quilting derailed by horrible back spasms this week and I'm finally getting back (ha!) to normal. I can't wait to get back to quilting and getting ready for our first McTavishing Linky party, dubbed the McTavish-along!

The links above are Amazon affiliate links, great if you order online, but I urge you to buy from your local sewing machine dealer when possible.


  1. Amy, what would you recommend for a Juki HZL-F600? My machine came with number 15 bobbins. I guess these are as generic as you can get. Would these Janome bobbins work in my machine? Or do you know of some bobbins that will give me great results too?

    1. My main recommendation is to use the type of bobbin that your machine was designed for. If the 15's are what came packaged with your machine, stick to them. I'm not familiar with Jukis. I do know that newer Elna, Kenmore, and Janome bobbins are interchangeable. I noticed a difference when I switched from the 5 bobbins that came with my machine to the generic bobbins my dealer sold me. They are the same size, but a different composition of plastic. So now I prefer to use only the genuine Janome bobbins in my Janome. The colors are an organizational plus.

  2. Thanks, Amy. I think I will search out bobbins especially for the Juki. Keep quilting and blogging! I love your work and creative spirit!

  3. After FMQ different project with metal bobbins in my Janome, I tried it with a platic bobbins. Two main differences: less noise, and a different tension (less tension on the bottom thread). I am using the FQM bobbin case. Several months ago I asked the dealer about what type of bobbins to put in and she says I can put anything I wanted. I think I'll buy a bunch of plastic bobbins. Love your blog !