Video: Feather Filler

Here's another fun free motion quilting design: Feather Filler.

Once you've mastered the basic feather plume shape, it's a pretty easy design as it is pretty random and flexible. Below is a still photo from the video sample. A longer feather plume serves as the spine for other plumes to create this design, branching, turning and back tracking as needed.

And here's two shots from a sample in matching thread. Any little jiggles no longer jump out at you like they do when using high-contrast thread.

The movement and texture of this design is just wonderful! Love it! Please give it a try. If you are having trouble with your feather plume shape think of long half-hearts and curved tear drops and draw the shapes a bunch!

Take a look at my other videos on my youtube video channel.

Belatedly linking up with Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.


  1. Превосходная стежка.

    1. Thank you Google translator; I believe I've been told "beautiful stitching"?

  2. Thanks Amy for all these video's. They are so helpful. I am really self taught on the quilting and I watch a lot of these kind of videos for the different techniques. Keep it up! I'll be watching!

  3. Thank you so much, Amy! I have been trying to figure out a feather filler, and this is awesome!!!

  4. Thank you very much Amy for your time to do and sharing those vídeos! I learn a lot watching (although I do not understand your language). And I still have a bit of fear of feathers! I hope to try them someday, and are a little as beautiful as yours!

  5. Thank you Amy, those videos are great.

  6. Adorei que mãos de ouro... Obrigado.